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Most Interesting Facts about Italy

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Art, architecture, culture, history, opera, food, the list for Italy’s fame can really just go on and on. Let’s learn a little more!

Interesting Facts:

1. Meet the country with the maximum number of UNESCO sites in the world. It is said to have more masterpieces per square mile than any other country on the globe.

2. While Italy represents a lot of exquisite things, the name comes after the word italia which means “calf land” believed to have been bestowed upon it as the bull was the symbol of the Southern Italian tribes.

3. Italy’s last ruler, King Umberto II, ruled for just 36 days! Yes, in the light of the Second World War the citizens decided to abolish monarchy in favour of establishing a republic state.

4. Seeing how Mussolini after serving as Prime Minister for 3 years from 1922, went onto place the country under his dictatorship in 1925 for the subsequent 20 years.

5.  While I’m sure you have heard of the Trevi Fountain and how people throw coins in it and make a wish, could you have imagined that the coins in the fountain touch about a million pounds every year? The coins are then collected and given to charity. They say that if throw one coin you will return to Rome, if you throw two you will return and fall in love, and if you throw three, then you’ll return fall in love and even get married! I see you looking for change. ?

Trevi Fountain
Source: https://www.italiandualcitizenship.net/the-incredible-history-of-trevi-fountain-in-rome/

6. And if that raises your temperature then don’t worry about it, just get a thermometer! Ah okay, I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense. I simply wanted to slip in the fact that the thermometer was invented in Italy itself by a man named Santorio back in 1612.

7. The first battery was also invented here by Alessandro Volta in 1800. The unit of “volt” thus came to be named after him.

8. What is it about Italy that ties it so deeply to art and literature? Well, Shakespeare based 13 of his plays here; Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, Much Ado About Nothing and others.

9. Hey hey, it isn’t all Shakespearean gems that stem from Italy. Even Pinocchio was first published in a local newspaper in the country.

10. The country is home to some of Europe’s, in fact some of the world’s most active volcanoes – Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli.

11. Country inside a country. Italy is home to the world’s smallest country – the Vatican City. It is just 100 acres in size! Coincidentally, Italy also shares its territory with another one of the smallest countries in the world, San Marino, in northern Italy, which is made up of a mere 61.2 sq. km.

12. And while you may have heard a tad bit more about Italy’s history and culture, its nature will leave you spellbound too. For instance, the country has over 1500 lakes!

13. The world’s first ever bank was established in Italy in 1149, the Bank of San Georgia.

14. Pasta has been eaten here since the 4th Meanwhile, pizza was invented in Naples in 1860. Man, Italians have really been living the good life!

15. The statue shown below was believed to be a lie detector of sorts in ancient times. Legend had it that if one placed their hand in the mouth of the statue and stated a lie, their hand would get cut off!

Author’s Recommendations:

1. Hike to the Clinque Terre. With its coastal scenery, local fishing villages and the landscapes in which it is all set, this makes for quite a picturesque treat.

2. And as popular as a boat ride around Lake Como might be, the pretty lake makes it worthwhile.

3. For a taste of ancient Rome head to the Colosseum to see where the gladiators and wild animals displayed their might. You could even head to explore the Palatine Hill and the Forum.

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Source: https://www.planetware.com/rome/colosseum-i-la-rcl.htm

4. Visit the ancient Doric temples of ancient Greek archaeology, pay a visit to Sicily’s Valley of temples.

Doric temples
Source: https://mustseeplaces.eu/valley-of-temples-agrigento-sicily-italy/

5. While there is of course a lot to be explored in terms of the architecture and history this country has to offer, if you are looking a quaint escape, then the Tuscany hills countryside is recommended. Better yet, roam around by cycling in the area!

6. Italy also offers some beautiful beaches – Costa Verde and Costa Smeralda to name a few.

7. For a rugged trek, trek through Sardinia.

8. In case you want to go skiing, Dolomites is your pick! And when in Dolomites a visit to the Carezza Lake is a must. Go crazyyy at Carezza! ?

Carezza Lake
Source: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/carezza-rainbow-lake

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How to Reach:

You can even get direct flights to Rome from India. But if due to their limited availability or costs you need to opt for a flight with a layover then your layover might be in Bahrain, France or even Istanbul.

For Visa:

Italy Visa Requirements for Indians

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