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Most Interesting Facts about Hungary

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Interesting Facts:

1. 13 Nobel Laureates hail from this country.

2. You remember when you were a kid someone or the other would hand you a Rubiks cube to solve? This is the country to credit for the invention of the Rubik’s cube as well as the biro and krypton electric bulb.

3. Hungary has an abundance of natural hot springs which have very well been used and today the country boasts of about 450 public bathhouses and 1500 spas. It has the highest number of thermal baths world over. Okay, I’m open to being treated to this vacation, thank you very much! ?

4. In fact, speaking of the intelligence in this country and of its baths, it is interesting to learn that the sport of chess is widely played in the country, even in these baths with floating boards! No wonder the world’s greatest female chess player – Judit Bodgar – who was crowned the title of a grandmaster while she was just 15 years old comes from this country.

5. Legend has it that if you touch the pen of the statue of Anonymous in Budapest’s Central Park then you will become a great writer. See the sound of this vacation just gets better and better!

Budapest’s Central Park
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/364087951118599390/

6. It is home to the largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton which at an approximate stretch of 600kms is often even called the Hungarian Sea.

Lake Balaton
Source: https://www.justapack.com/lake-balaton-hungary-guide/

7. The country’s Tokaj region is the world’s first wine region and has been producing wine since the 5th

8. Say no to saying cheers by clinking beer glasses! Why? In 1848, the Hungarians were defeated against Habsburg. The winners actually executed 13 Hungarian generals and each execution was celebrated by clinking beer glasses. Thus, its dark history has led to the country observing the norm of not practicing this social act.

9. Europe’s oldest metro which is the world’s second oldest underground railway was started in Hungary back in 1896.

10. Lo behold, the country is also home to Europe’s largest and the world’s second largest synagogue, Dohany Street Synagogue which was established in the year 1859.

Dohany Street Synagogue
Source: https://www.timeout.com/budapest/things-to-do/dohany-street-synagogue

11. Master magician and illusionist Harry Houdini took birth here.

12. With about 200 subterranean chambers, the world’s largest geothermal cave system is found underneath Budapest.

13.Vlad the Impaler terrorized the Wallachia region of former Hungary and is said to have been the inspiration behind Count Dracula.

14. This nation’s first king was Saint Stephen. Feel like shaking hands with him? Ah okay, you obviously cannot shake hands with him but in a surprising turn of events you can actually see his hand. Yes, when his body was exhumed the right hand was found to be in good condition and thereafter mummified and put on display in Budapest’s Saint Stephen Basilica.

15. There are cowboys in Hungary! Yes, quite surprising right? Magyars or the first Hungarians had a long history with horsemanship which continued to be observed. Pannonian steppe or the Puszta region is where you can actually see their talent. Cowboys in Hungarian are referred to as “csikos”.

Source: https://www.robertharding.com/preview/1161-7770/hungarian-csikos-cowboy-giving-display-horsemanship-skills-great/, Robert Harding

Author’s Recommendations:

1. Since so much has been said about the baths and spas of Hungary, you must experience them. In fact, go for one of the baths that has been around for approximately 2,000 years and make this one hell of a cultural experience too along with it being rejuvenating.

2. And if the aforementioned caves have you intrigued, you should know that not all caves are open for exploration in the country but you can pay a visit to one amongst Istvan, Petofi or Szelata Caves. In case you’re looking to combine these experiences and crave a cave bath then make way to Miskolctapolca.

3. The Buda Castle in Budapest was rebuilt in the 18th century after it got destroyed under a siege. Facing the Danube, the castle embarks your journey into the history of the country. The castle allows you to take in panoramic views of the capital.

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4. Now that we’ve mentioned the Danube you should know that the river flows from the north to the south, allowing you not one but multiple spots to enjoy its beauty such as the Visegrad Mountains, the Danube Bend and the most popular the Freedom Bridge. An evening walk is a must on this bridge, after all it has been rated as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

5. The Hungarian Parliament Building is one of the oldest and worth a visit with its picturesque setting, something you are bound to see in case you happen to enjoy a boat ride in the Danube.

6. If you’re looking to be a little closer to nature then head on over to Buda Hills where you can walk around or even rent a cycle to move about as you enjoy the greenery.

7. The Visegrad Mountains also offer cycling trails as well as trekking options with a pretty view of the Danube. The Visegrad Castle is a walk made worthy to see the ruins let behind in the quaint area.

8. For a taste of the traditional side of things attend the Busójárás festival to witness locals dressed in attires and demonic masks, etc. to scare off any invaders. There’s folk music, dances and activities that unfurls in this 6-day long festival, giving you a front seat to its celebration.

9. If the World War II interests you then head to the Dohany Street Synagogue not simply because of its world status but also because it is also a memorial willow for those who laid their lives in the war.

10. The Hortobagy National Park is not only a chance to see some of the wildlife but also to explore Hungarian grasslands and the quiet around here.

How to Reach:

Catch a flight from Delhi to Budapest via Warsaw.

For Visa:

Visa requirements for Indians going to Hungary

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