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Most Interesting Facts about Dominican Republic

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Although poverty stricken, the Dominican Republican has white sand beaches and delicious blue waters which still render it to be a favourable tourist destination. But there’s more where that came from, so, let’s dig deep!

Interesting Facts:

1. The flag, as shown above, bears an image of the Bible, making it the only national flag in the world to do so.

2. You will often hear that Dominican Republican has an “endless summer” because that pretty much sums up the weather all through the year.

3. It was the first permanent European settlement in the Americas.

4. Before becoming two separate countries, Dominican Republic and Haiti together formed Hispaniola – as named by Christopher Columbus when he reached here in 1492. Haiti is the only country joined to Dominican on its border.

5. Armed forces and police personnel cannot cast a vote in the elections.

6. Humpback whales are spotted in the island’s Bay of Samana.

7. The country is believed to have been the headquarters of pirates in the 17th century. It served as an outpost to hire more pirates to plunder Spanish ships. Samana in the Dominican was also shown in the hit Hollywood franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean.

8. With baseball being its national sport, the country has not only produced some of the best talent seen in the sport but also has the second highest number of Major League players. Juan Marichal from this country even made it to the Hall of Fame.

9. The iguanidae or rhinoceros iguana is a rare kind of lizard found in the Dominican. It is presently a threatened species.

rhinoceros iguana
Source: https://www.naturepl.com/stock-photo-ricord-s-ground-iguana-cyclura-ricordi-dominican-republic-critically-image01476497.html, Roland Seitre

10. The oldest cathedral here dates back to 1540, Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor.

11. And speaking of museums, what is the weirdest thing that you have spotted in a museum? Well, Puerto Plata’s Amber museum has a pre-historic mosquito. Hmmmm.

12. Now in case you’re taking this holiday with your partner, let me warn you that it is illegal to kiss in front of a police officer!

13. Make up for the no free spirited affectionate kissing, by getting one another endemic stones Larimar and Dominican Amber. Why? Well, this is the only country where you can get them, that’s why!

Raw Larimar
Source: https://villataina.com/larimar/

14. Polo Magnetico is a magnetic pole in Barahona province wherein you can challenge gravity! If you leave your car on neutral at the right spot, it will roll up the hill on its own!

15. Lake Enriquillo, known to be quite salty due to being hypersaline is actually also home to the largest population of American crocodiles along with 400 other species.

Author’s Recommendations:

1. Costa Del Coco is naturally one of the most favourite spots to visit in this country. With its coconut trees, wind sands, sea and splendid reefs, it is most definitely worth all the praise.

Costa Del Coco
Source: https://www.readersdigest.ca/travel/world/9-amazing-things-do-dominican-republic/

2. Walk around Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial to soak in the history and heritage preserved there.

3. Barahona though made more famous for its magnetic pole, also has beautiful green hills for the mountain lover.

4. Another favourite among nature lovers is Costanza and what they call the “Dominican Alps”.

5. How many people in the world can say that they have actually seen one of the largest mammals on Earth in person? Here’s your chance, head for a whale watching tour!

6. 27 waterfalls of Damajagua – hike up to make your way down through caves and waterfalls. This is your very own natural waterpark!

waterfalls of Damajagua
Source: http://aroundtheworldwithjustin.com/27-waterfalls/

7. Enjoy the backwaters and Victorian era architecture in Puerto Plata.

8. Now this may not be applicable to everyone but in case you enjoy paying golf this country is known for having some of the most picturesque courses for the sport.

How to reach:

You will have to first fly from India to New York or Paris and thereafter into Dominican Republic depending upon your intended city to visit.

For Visa:

For your visa requirements kindly refer to the following page on our website:

Dominican Republic Visa Requirements for Indians

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