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Most Interesting Facts about Bosnia

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, commonly known simply as Bosnia, is a beautiful country with a rich culture. If you have never been to this small European country, then let me tell you that this country is full of cultural contradictions, people who wish you the warmest welcome, as well as the beautiful, untouched nature. Below you’ll find 12 interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina that are sure to fascinate you.

1. The country is nicknamed the “Heart Shaped Land” due to the country’s slight heart shape.

2. Bosnia is believed to have been in inhabitation at least since the Neolithic age.

3. As a result of the 1992-1995 Bosnian civil war there are still some 30,000 active landmines left in the country, and 2.2% of Bosnia’s total landmass has yet to be completely cleared of them.

landmines in bosnia
Source: GameSpot

4. In 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina was named as the country that hated its government the most. With a government approval rate of only 8%, it managed to outrank Bulgaria and even Greece.

5. It is home to a self-proclaimed micronation: Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića. Since 2002, as a symbolic protest against the lack of local administration, it has its own flag, currency, consul, Constitution and a sole ruler. Here, the formation of political parties, as well as any dealing with politics, is forbidden, since it is not good for human health. It is also interesting to notice that it has a grand amount of 73 ministers. Besides classic ones, there are also ministries for smiles, unsolved cases, for the protection of men from violent women, unmarried men, artificial blondes, bankrupted truck and bus drivers, vagueness, provocation, and easy women.

6. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a very complicated history. A Bosnian can either be a Bosniak, Croat or Serb based on his or her religious affiliations as a Muslim, Catholic or Orthodox Christian respectively. Each group has their own language, which is Slavic based and shares similarities with each other. After conflicts in the 1990s, Bosnia split along ethnic lines. Each group now has their own president. Few countries have three languages and three presidents.

7. The first trams to be used in Europe were the ones in Sarajevo, in early 1885. Prior to trams, public transportation was conducted with animals, mostly horses, and sometimes even donkeys which used to ride in pairs. Eleven years later, Sarajevo was the first city in Europe to have completely electrical tram line.

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina might have a Pyramid. According to Dr. Semir Osmanagic, a Bosnian archaeologist, the five hills in Visoko aren’t hills but are 30,000-year-old pyramids. Few in the scientific world accept Semir’s claims. However, compelling and convincing evidence exists.

9. Bosnia’s anthem is one of the few anthems in the world that lacks lyrics. Despite many efforts to officially adopt lyrics to go along with the melody, to this day the Bosnian parliament has yet to vote in favour of any of them. This is a result of the ethnic divisions of the country, which make it hard to find a set of lyrics that represent all three major ethnicities equally.

10. They sometimes shoot guns as a form of celebration. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is often practiced in rural areas during happy occasions such as weddings and New Year’s Eve. However, celebrating with guns has led to many accidents and injuries so organizations in the country have been trying to discourage the dangerous practice.

11. Bosnian currency can’t be bought or exchanged anywhere outside of the country. This means that the bills are relatively worthless outside of the country as they can’t be replaced with another currency.

12. It has the last remaining jungle in Europe at Perućica. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this primeval forest has trees older than 300 years.

How to Reach?

Sarajevo International Airport is the main airport of Bosnia which connects this gorgeous country to the world. There are a number of connecting flights from India to Bosnia.

Do Indians need a visa for Bosnia?


Captain Nero’s recommendations in Bosnia:

Sarajevo: The countries capital can’t be missed! May be not the prettiest city you have seen, but full of history. Sarajevo is one of the cities that suffered the most during the Yugoslavian war that only ended in 1995. As such, the city is marked with reminders of the war, from bullet holes in the walls from sniper fire to “Sarajevo roses”, indentations left from exploded mortars that have been painted red in remembrance. But Sarajevo is a resilient city and is a must visit.

Source: Rough Guides

Mostar: If there’s one place that’s not to be missed on a Bosnia itinerary, it’s enchanting Mostar. Hands down the prettiest of all Bosnian cities, it’s beloved for its picturesque bridge Stari Most which arches across the Neretva river right in the centre of the old town.

Source: Check in Price

Blagaj: Just 15 minutes down the road from Mostar you’ll find the tiny village of Blagaj, Bosnia, which is home to one of the country’s most photographed sites: The Velagić House and a monastery, both dramatically built into the side of a cliff.

Source: Globe Guide

Maglic Mountain: Maglic Mountain is part of the mountain range on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro. Hiking this beautiful mountain can be a fun challenge for all the adventure junkies out there.

Pocitelj: The tiny village of Pocitelj which dates back to at least the Middle Ages and is under consideration to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Ottoman-era fortress village is one of the most underrated but must-visit towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially if you’re visiting Mostar.

Source: Bosnia4u

Kravica Waterfalls: This is one of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located close to the border with Croatia and not far from Mostar, Kravica Waterfall is a popular attraction and a summer getaway for both tourists and locals. You can easily spend here a few solid hours: swimming, relaxing and just enjoying the place.

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