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Most Interesting Facts about Belize

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With some of the most incredible marine life to be explored along with the remnants of an incredible ancient civilization, Belize is rightfully regarded as a best kept secret because for more reasons than one, it sounds like a dream.

Interesting Facts:

1. The ancient Mayan Empire had their capital here! They reached Belize in 1500 BCE.

Mayan empire in Belize
Source: https://www.cahalpech.com/5-incredible-images-of-xunantunich-maya-ruins-in-san-ignacio-belize/

2. It is the only Central American country with English as its official language.

3. Belize City was the former capital of the country until it was extensively destroyed in 1961 by Hurricane Hattie.

4. After this Belmopan got declared the capital and with 32.78 sq. km. it is the smallest capital in the world. Awww.

5. George’s Caye Day or Belize’s National Day is celebrated on 10th September. In 1798 this day marked a remarkable achievement as the British sent off the Spanish forces without causing any causalities on either side. Say yes to non-violence!

6. The Belizean Dollar’s value has simply been pegged as 2BZD = 1USD, at all times.

7. Thumb locking is a form of greeting in the country. Move over shake hands!

8. Belize has its own version of Big Foot known as El Sisimito who they believe enjoys human flesh and has its feet on backwards. Now that’s a nice bedtime story to narrate to your children! ?

9. There is also folklore about a dwarf named El Duende. He is thumbless and hovers around the forest to punish children who hurt animals. Well, at least we know that his heart is in the right place?!

10. Cocksomb Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve is a one of a kind, i.e., Belize is the only country in the entire world that has a preserve dedicated to the majestic creatures called jaguars.

11. The national motto is “Under the shade I flourish” which was inspired by wooden canopies.

Belize Motto
Source: https://www.larubeya.com/belize-jungle-and-nature-tours/

12. You can find baboons here and no; I do not mean your idiotic friend! Hah, I actually mean the second loudest animal in the world, the howler monkeys.

13. The gibnut meat which looks like a cross between a chipmunk and a tapir is a delicacy here. In fact, the “Royal Rat” as they call it is so loved by the countrymen that they even served it to Queen Elizabeth during her visit!

14. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest barrier Reef on the Earth, second only to the Australian one.

15. And even with such an incredible marine life, the locals vehemently believe that swimming on Good Friday can bring bad luck. Mothers chide their little ones by telling them that they will turn into fish!

16. The Blue Hole is a natural wonder. It is the world’s biggest ocean sinkhole! This is the result of the limestone cave formed thousands of years ago.

Blue Hole
Source: https://www.larubeya.com/belize-diving-tours/

Read more about Bule Hole here.

17.  More than 400 species of fishes live in Belize’s waters. Find nemo, nemo ki chachi, nemo ke par-dada and nemo ki girlfriends!

Author’s Recommendations:

1. Mayan historical sites are ruins will leave your mind fascinated. And Belize has over 900 of them! Caracol, Altun Ha, Nim Li Punit, Lamanai, Cahal Pech, etc. are some of the noteworthy ruins found in Belize. However, Xunantunich is the most popular and definitely worth a visit.

Mayan historical sites
Source: https://www.slickrock.com/belize-mayan-ruins/

2. If there is but one jaguar sanctuary on the whole globe then it goes without saying that you must visit it. So, head on over to Cocksomb Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve and spend your day exploring Belize’s wildlife.

3. Spend a day exploring the second largest barrier reef of the world!

4. Belize’s caves are also worth exploring, specially Actun Tunichil Muknal as you trek through rivers and jungles in order to reach the mouth of the cave.

5. Belize also has beautiful national parks and Mountain Pine Bridge Forest Reserve is a picturesque pick.

6. Belize also has one of the top 10 diving sites from across the world. It is a diver’s paradise with dives for coral reefs, sharks and the infamous Blue Hole. You can also try a hand at basic scuba diving to begin with.

fun facts about belize
Source: https://www.larubeya.com/belize-diving-tours/

 7. You can go for a wildlife tour as Belize offers some incredible and rare sightings with creatures such Owl-Eye Butterfly, the Lady-of-the-Night Orchid, the Peanut-Head Lantern Bug, the Swallow Tail Cattle Heart Butterfly, and the False Vampire Bat.

8. There are 450 Cayes or islands in Belize. So, water babies you know where to head next summer! Of these, the Ambergris Caye is the most popular and worth a visit for its beauty.

How to reach:

Reaching Belize can require 2 or even more layovers. You can take a flight from Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai. Thereafter, you will have layovers in Houston, London or Miami.

For Visa:

For the visa requirements kindly refer to the following page on our website:

Belize Visa Requirements for Indians

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