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Most Interesting Facts about Barbados

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facts about barbados

When you hear the name Barbados, I’m sure you instantly visualize sprawling beaches, bluest of waters and tall palm trees, all making it the luxurious vacation destination that it is known as. Hardcore fans may also it for Bad Girl Riri, aka, one of the biggest singing sensations across the globe, Rihana. But you know how they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, that is the case with Barbados because there really is a lot more to know about it!

Interesting Facts:

1. While the gold and blue colours on the country’s flag represent its beaches with their sand and blue waters, the trident right in the centre is to represent Poseidon/Neptune, the Graeco-Roman god of the sea.

2. Prior to human inhabitation, the island was actually a tropical rainforest. Yes, an island came out of a forest! And the getaway spot of the rich and famous was originally home to wild pigs. Oink oink!

3. The name Barbados actually comes from “Los Barbados” which means the bearded one. A name that was bestowed upon this beauty by Portuguese explorer called Pedro a Campos. The reason behind this name was the fig trees found on this island which the explorer thought had a unique experience on account of their “bearded” appearance.

Los Barbados
Source: https://www.picuki.com/tag/BajanFunFacts

4. Having been a British colony for over 300 years, the country still suggests a strong British influence in terms of architecture and names too. They gained independence in 1966 but still fall under the aegis of a British Monarch and remain represented by a British Governor General.

5. While that maybe the case today, the first and second governors were actually both captured and sent back to England in irons! Yes, Captain William Deane and John Powell did not receive a warm welcome clearly.

6. Think of the number of times that you have wanted to move to a new place. But often you look around your room, the walls and trinkets that have surrounded you for years and a sense of nostalgia takes over. Well, the Barbadians really had the perfect cure early on. Their traditional chattel houses were constructed on blocks, so, if someone wanted to, they could actually move with that same house!

traditional chattel houses in barbados
Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/310185493067598353/

7. Bird watchers you will be delighted to know that the island is home to 270 species of birds!

Birds in Barbados
Source: https://www.caribbeanbirdingtrail.org/sites/barbados/
Source: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/656329345665104987/

8. The island has 20-30 metres thick layer of coral limestones. This makes for about 80% of its composition. With the corals acting as a natural filter, the island has some of the purest water around the world, making it a premier destination for water sports.

Coral limestones in Barbados
Source: http://www.familysurftravel.nl/barbados/

9. Now this one is going to pinch my friends who are siting at home and missing their beloved Old Monk. Barbados produces the world’s oldest rum. Mount Gay Rum has been produced here since the year 1703! Even today, it is exported to 110 countries worldwide. Consequently, rum is quite popular and there are approximately 1500 shops selling rum in Barbados.

10. Although an island its hilly stretches reach as high as 1,100 feet above the sea level. In addition to the green hills, there are also sea side rugged hills which make for a picturesque spot to perch yourself on.

things to do in barbados
Source: https://www.mensjournal.com/travel/the-blue-seas-rugged-hills-and-colorful-locals-of-barbados/, @TarikB75

11. Once a major player in the sugar production industry, the country had as many as 497 sugar plantations and 506 wind mills. Today a sizeable number of these have been reformed into museums.

12. The one common thing that Barbados and India have for sure, is their shared mutual love for cricket. Having launched names such as Desmond Haynes, Charlie Griffith, Sir Everton Weekes, Sir Clyde Walcott, Gordon Greenidge and Sir Frank Worrell, the country adores cricket and the sport is played here practically all through the year.

13. While the Caribbean is considered to be prone to natural disasters, Barbados due to its lower east placement has been protected from calamities for nearly half a century.

14. What’s a breakfast without some juicy fruits to bite into, right? If you agree, you’d be happy to hear that the yummy grapefruit also hails from Barbados. An accidental cross between orange and shaddock resulted in Barbados introducing the world to grapefruits.

grapefruits in barbados
Source: https://www.picuki.com/tag/BajanFunFacts

15. Animals are intelligent beings, so much so that the folks of Barbados proudly claim that the Barbadian mongoose never crosses the road unless someone is watching!


Barbados Visa Requirements for Indians

Author’s recommendations:

Barbados with its abundant beauty is quite popular with celebrities. Members of the British Royal family, Simon Cowell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delavigne, Wayne Rooney, etc. have all been spotted here on numerous occasions. In fact, pro-golfer Tiger Woods got married here!

If you decide to go down yourself to see what the island country has to offer, here are some must see places:

1. However obvious it may seem but of course you have to start with the infamous beaches of Barbados! Carlisle Bay is famous and with good reason. Pebble Beach, Bayshore Beach and Brownes Beach, all make for a must visit.

Beaches i barbados
Source: https://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions/barbados-bar.htm, Lana Law

2. Visit the Animal Flower Cave. While you may have visited caves elsewhere, the ones found here open up to the view of the water making it unlike any dark cave experience. And for a purely adventurous caving experience, with a head lamp and everything, head on over to Harrison’s Cave. Once you have explored the caves, make way above to the cliff side for stunning views.

Animal Flower Cave in Barbados
Source: https://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions/barbados-bar.htm, Michael Law

3. The Bathsheba Bay is iconic for the views of the ocean it offers with the huge rock formations cutting in between.

4. With the dilapidated and yet preserved remnants of Farley Hall, surrounded by vines, trees and roots, the Farley Hill National Park makes one feel as if they have found a Mayan ruin.

5. Folkstone Marine Park and Museum is popular for enthusiasts of water sports and activities. Here there is also the sunken ship Stavronikita which can be seen if you are game for diving. Barbados is great for snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite-surfing and even swimming with turtles!

6. Stroll around in the downtown area of the country’s capital. With the neo-gothic architecture and sites such as the Parliament Building, the clock tower, the Heroes Square, the Chamberlain Bridge; you will be transported into another time.

Chamberlain Bridge
Source: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/get-cultured-bridgetown-8-ways-explore-barbados-historic-capital, Lily Germitt/Lonely Planet

7. For the beach bums who just can’t enough of the blue waters and white sands, visits to Bottom Bay Beach, Crane Beach and Richard Haynes Boardwalk are also in order.

8 As for our wildlife lovers, there’s the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where you can befriend the monkeys, iguanas, deer and tortoises roaming about freely. For a day of immersing yourself into the green there’s also Welchman Hall Gully, Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Flower Forest and Hunte’s Garden, for the perfect tropical afternoon.

How to reach from India

In order to reach Barbados, you can take a flight to Bridgetown. For Bridgetown you would have to fly via London for which you can catch a flight from most major metro cities of India, Delhi being the more favourable option.

For Visa:

For your visa requirements kindly refer to the following page on our website:


And there you have it, Barbados – the island vacation of your dreams!

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