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Most Interesting Facts about Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a small country located in South Asia.  Its long shores are washed over by the beautiful Bay of Bengal and it shares its land borders with India and Myanmar (Burma). Its Padma, Meghna and Jamuna rivers create fertile alluvial plains, and travel by boat is common. On the southern coast, the Sundarbans, an enormous mangrove forest shared with India, are home to the Royal Bengal tiger. Here are 7 interesting facts about Bangladesh.

1. Bangladesh is home to the third longest beach in the world. The Cox Bazar Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, and it’s the third longest beach in the world.

Cox Bazar Beach

2. The majority of the population are farmers. It is estimated that somewhat 70% of the population are farmers. Many households rely on agriculture and it’s the largest employment sector in Bangladesh.

3. Bangladesh has six fully distinct seasons, and it’s sometimes called “the playground of seasons”.  Those six seasons are the Summer, the Monsoon, the Autumn, the Late Autumn, the Winter and the Spring. Every season comes with different crops, fruits, lifestyle, and festivals.  In fact, Bangladeshi people celebrate every season with a different festival.

4. Bangladesh has the second fastest river in the world, right after Amazon.  Its name is “Padma.” There are also more than 700 rivers located in Bangladesh.

5. In Bangladesh, the left hand is considered to be unclean. The right hand is used when eating, passing food, or passing business cards.

6. Bangladesh is home to the world’s largest Mangrove Forest. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world, and it’s protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It covers an area of 139,500 hectares (539 sq. mi) and is home to a vast number of different species.

Mangrove Forest in bangladesh

7. Over 30% of Bangladesh’s population live below the poverty line, however, the economy and standards of living have been improving over recent years.The people of Bangladesh do not smile, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t friendly. Smiling is considered a sign of immaturity in this culture.


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Captain Nero’s recommendations in Bangladesh:

Sundarbans: The Sundarbans are located at the point where the mighty waterways of the Brahmaputra and the scared Ganges crash into each other at the edge of the Bay of Bengal. As you would expect, the area is also covered in spectacular wildlife and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will find Bengal tigers stalking the mangroves as well as rhesus macaques swinging in the canopies.


Tigers in Sundarbans

Rangamati: Known as the ‘Lake City’ of Bangladesh, Rangamati is full of matchless beauty and is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Bangladesh. It is located about 77 kilometers away from Chittagong.



Sylhet: There is a lot of nature around Sylhet, but Ratargul Swamp might just be the most beautiful place around. Also, the scenic beauties of Tamabil-Jaflong, Kalibari Temple near Jaflong, Sri Mahalaxmi Temple near Sylhet city, the largest tea garden named Sree Mangal, and Lawacherra Rain Forest are really eye-catching in and around Sylhet.



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