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Most Dangerous Treks In India

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Ask trekkers why they go on treks and they’ll tell you multiple reasons. From the untouched beauty of nature that one can see in such spots hidden away from the modern world to the thrill of climbing up a peak, the stretch of nature that one can’t otherwise expect to the sheer rush from pushing one’s inner boundaries in order to make their way to a mountain top. Ever so often the adrenaline plays a huge factor in one’s draw towards trekking. For the absolute adrenaline junkies or seasoned trekkers, there is also an attraction to some extremely challenging trails which are at times even quite dangerous! So, here’s a look at some of the most dangerous treks from in and around India:

Auden’s Col Trek

How to reach: Fly down to Dehradun and from there travel by road till Uttarkashi which brings you to the trek starting point at Gangotri.

Duration: 13 Days

Best time to trek: Mid-May, September and October

auden's col
Source: https://aquaterra.in/trips/audens-col-trek-uttarakhand-india/

No mention of the toughest or most gruelling treks of India can be complete without talking about Auden’s Col. What starts off from the meadows of fir and birch trees at Gangotri gradually leads to some unbelievable passes. From Kedarkanth to Khatling Glacier, the trail eventually opens up to views of Rudragaira Peak, Jogin Peak and Auden Col Pass. The mountain pass connecting Jogin I to Gangotri III is a presentation of nature at its very best!

Pin Parvati Pass

How to reach: Fly down to Delhi, travel by road till Manali and from there travel by road till Kaza to enter Spiti following which you would need a vehicle to take you till the trek starting point in Pin Valley.

Duration: 11 Days

Best time to trek: May to June

pin parvati pass
Source: https://www.thrillophilia.com/tours/pin-parvati-pass-trek

Meadows, river crossings and more await you if you decide to go for this trek. But the decision to go for this one is not one to be made lightly but to be well thought of because the amount of endurance required by this trek is not an easy feat. Trekkers on this route end up making their way across glaciers and have to do it with the requisite technical gear and preparation. Opt for this trek with and get, set, running to go for this one, and, in return it will award you with sights that you’ll never forget.

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How to reach: Fly down to Dehradun and travel by road till Harsil in Uttarakhand.

Duration: 6 to 8 days

Best time to trek: May, September and October

Source: https://www.trodly.com/activity-928-lamkhaga-pass-trek#image-gallery

While your trek starts off from Harsil in the state of Uttarakhand, it usually ends in the green and charming village of Chitkul in Sangla Valley at Himachal Pradesh. Thus, one trek gives you the chance of witnessing the wonders and beauty of not one but two states. It is deemed as one of the most demanding treks in the Garhwal region on account of the steep gradient in the trek, so, dig deep within yourself and let yourself into the depths of the dense slice of nature!

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Panpatia Col

How to reach: Fly down to Dehradun and travel by road till Badrinath.

Duration: 11

Best time to trek: September to early October

panpatia col
Source: https://www.thrillophilia.com/tours/panpatia-glacier-trek

Roping, use of crampons and other technical gear as well as icing, these are some of the technical know-how that you will need to possess prior to taking on this trek. This is not a first one for anyone, this can also be taken after one has been well-weathered into the trekking world. One reason why it is so dearly loved is because of the untouched expanse one gets to see here so much so that the pass actually lays between two unnamed peaks!

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Kang La Trek

How to reach: Fly down to Bhuntar or for more cost-effective options fly down to Delhi. And, from there reach Manali. From Manali you shall journey by road till Changut.

Duration: 12 Days

Best time to trek: May, September and October

kang la trek
Source: http://www.skylandjourney.com/trekking/narphu-kangla-pass-and-tilicho-pass-trek-24-days

Increasingly over the past few years, the travel community has fallen more and more in love with Lahaul Spiti. It’s the gem of the hills that we didn’t know was waiting for us. Within the region there’s Miyar Valley which blesses visitors with both nature and cultural beauty. An adventurous method of exploring the Miyar Valley is taking on this trek that goes by the name of Kang La. From the curving and cracked mountains to the touch of Buddhist and Tibetan influence here, the trek is a treat for those who dare to take it!

Parang La

How to reach: Fly down to Bhuntar or Delhi and travel by road till Manali. From Manali travel by road to reach Kaza in Spiti Valley.

Duration: 11 to 12 Days

Best time to trek: May, September and October

parang la
Source: https://www.himalayanhikers.in/parang-la-trek/

Since we are so smitten with Spiti and still discovering its many jewels buried deep within, here we are bringing you another trek from the gorgeous valley. The trek starts off from Kaza which is probably one of the most developed town in Spiti. But once your trek starts you will find yourself so far away from civilization that you will completely surrender to nature at its very best. The challenge in this one is presented with the large distances to cover, through the course of the trek the trekkers complete over 128 kms approximately.

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Kalindi Khal

How to reach: Fly down to Dehradun and travel by road till Gangotri from where your trek shall commence.

Duration: 15 Days

Best time to trek: May to June, September to October 

kalindi khal
Source: https://www.townscript.com/e/kalindi-khal-trek-2019-kalindi-pass-trek-2019-gangotri-to-badrinath-trekking-tours-134332

The Godfather, the rite of passage, the ultimate one, meet Kalindi Khal to which many within the trekking community have bowed down claiming it to be the toughest trek there is in India! This trek is a traverse wherein one isn’t just covering forests and meadows but manoeuvring their way across glaciers, crevasses and snowfields! With all this falling within one’s route and path, the terrain is sure to keep the thrill level exceedingly high.

Which is the toughest trek you have taken on so far and which is the next one on your list?!

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