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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Mizoram

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Once upon a time, the Lusahi Hills of Assam and today, the state of Assam is known for being home to a number of beautiful waterfalls. The cultural delight that this region is, the folks here are known for celebrating a number of festivals from Christian holidays and as per harvest occasions. With scenic lakes, a presence of folks that could narrate many tales and raw, unexplored natural beauty, there’s much to be explored in the land of the Mizos. Firstly, let’s have a look at some of their most gorgeous waterfalls:

Khawhpawp Waterfall

How to reach: Fly down to Lengpui Airport or take a train till either Bairabi or Silchar railway station in order to reach Aizwal. From there, take a taxi to Lawipu Veng Road and then take about a 15 minutes long walk to reach the waterfall.

 1)Khawhpawp Waterfall
Source: Photographer Muana Leo Khawlhring, https://in.pinterest.com/pin/535858055640026939/

What better way to start off than to start in the capital itself? In Aizwal, which is also the state’s largest city, one can find a heritage village, museum, temples and what not. Amongst the list of places to visit or things to see in this city is also the scenic Khwahpawp waterfall. From the Lawipu Veng road, one has to walk a brief distance of about 500 metres to reach the waterfall. The trees are the first to greet you upon your arrival here. Then you will first start to see the massive charcoal black rocks stretching out to show their full form. And that’s when your eyes will fall upon the reason behind your visit, the stream of water dropping below in a sheet from between those rocks. The locals narrate that the current of the water here is so strong that the water cuts through the rock to come cascading in a white fury of beauty into the puddle of water laying right below.

Vantawng Falls

How to reach: After having arrived at Aizwal as described above, you can take a taxi for about 137 kms to reach this waterfall.

2)Vantawng Falls
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/mizoram-waterfalls/

In the state called the land of highlands, some 5kms odd away from the Thenzawl region within the Serchhip district, stands its largest waterfall. What you see in the picture above is a waterfall that drops from a height of 750 feet! No wonder the local call it in their colloquial language to be “the waterfall that touches the heaven”. Although folklore narrates how it has been named after a local man by the name of Vantawng. It is said that he was an incredible swimmer, one who could plunge within the dipping waters to catch fish. People would even watch him perform as he did the unthinkable. However, one day as he dove into the waters, unfortunately, a log from one of the trees above got lose and fell below. It came crashing below and hit Vantawng so hard that he had to pay with his life. Today, the visitors cannot get into the water itself but can instead view it from a comfortable viewing tower. It has been constructed at a distance careful to let you see the prettiness of the waterfall whilst also appreciating its size and might. Travellers headed here enjoy making a picnic out of it or even enjoy local meals at nearby cottages.

Tuirihiau Falls

How to reach: Your visit to Tuirihiau Falls can be combined with the one to Vantawng Falls. Again, in the Thenzawl area of the Serchhip district, this waterfall is shortly ahead of Vantawng. Head towards the road leading to Chawngchilhi Puk Cave and you will spot the sign indicating the Tuirihiau Falls soon.  Its just a one minute walk from the road.

3)Tuirihiau Falls
Source: https://www.travalour.com/attraction/2942-tuirihiau-falls

In a state that is only recently starting to be explored by travellers and even now, not fully so, the Tuirihiau Falls have remained untouched for the longest time. Within Thenzawl, the river of Vanva flows lavishly. Its green waters are surrounded by trees brandishing different shades of green upon their leaves. They add a shade above and around the water in patches and at one point through their folds they let this waterfall come out cascading below. Let your eyes roam upon its slippery surface, let the sounds of waves fall upon your eyes and let yourself smile about where you are. Once your eyes have keenly observed it all, let them crane further to take in the shape of rocky structures which seemingly resemble caves.  Incidentally, at one point as the water falls below, the cave seems to form an arc or a rocky ceiling under which you can stand and actually view the waterfall from behind! So, if you think about it, this is a waterfall tat can be viewed from almost all angles! Make sure to try and splash a handful of the water on your friend because what is a visit to the waterfall without that. ?

A visit to the Mizoram is not an easy one to take up as the state is still opening up to the likes of visitors like you and me. And while it requires a lot of planning, it does not take away from its beauty. So, if the traveller within you is ready do the homework that this place demands out of you, head here to taste its simplicity, its scenic beauty and its cultural vibrance. After all we have spoken so dearly about the desire of seeking something out during our travels, so, why not seek hidden wonders and unadulterated lands before the world knows all about them? Maybe you could find in them a secret that would be solely yours to keep for the years to come.

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