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Most Beautiful Unheard of Places in Europe: Terme De Saturnia

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There’s something about hot baths that just soothe you. On a cold winter evening, a hot bath can ease your sore muscles, make you feel relaxed and just give one the urge to tuck themselves in. A hot spring is of course a much more superior version of that. The geothermal heat from the crust of the Earth results in a hot spring. Having experiences these in India and Thailand I can assure you that they truly do leave one as relaxed as their posters claim. But never have I ever seen a hot spring look as picturesque or beautiful as the one shown below. Meet, Terme Di Saturnia!

 Terme De Saturnia
Source: http://www.eva-darling.com/2019/12/how-to-visit-cascate-del-mulino-terme-di-saturnia.html

Rumour has it that the god of peace and abundance, Saturn, was one day infuriated by the wrath and warfare of human beings. He sent a thunder bolt shooting at a volcano’s crater. This caused hot sulphur to gush down like a waterfall, down the mountains and their valley. Humanity found love and peace. And the Saturn God’s had blessed the water with calming properties. This led to this stunning site in the gorgeous fields of Italy’s Tuscany region.

While myth may have a more elaborate tale, history does state that Saturnia came into existence under the reign of the Etruscan civilization back in 8th – 3rd century BCE. The Etruscans were known for many things, including their antiquity in mineral resources. Who knows, maybe it was that which led to the existence of Saturnia? While the Roman empire brought the Etruscans to an end, this gem was left behind for us to find. Actually, the Etruscans called it Autrinia and it was really the Romans who renamed it Saturnia. But well, they had to make it their own.

Back in the Middle Ages baths were actually looked down upon, as they were deemed to be spots of purgatory and lust. So, Saturnia sat all alone for a while. But as the Middle Age was reaching its conclusion, hydrotherapy was taking birth and as it emerged so did the forgotten Saturnia.  And as their prestige returned, so did the fights to hold rights or claim over it, leading to it seeing many successions.

most beautiful places to visit in italy
Source: https://www.lifeinitaly.com/activities/saturnia-thermal-baths

But in the 1700s itself the benefit of the springs in ailing skin diseases had come to the forefront. By 1865, restorations were made to give it the resemblance of a spa facility from back in that day and age. 1919 led to the first hotel nearby. And the rest, my dearies, is history as they say!

Today Terme Di Saturnia has become a hotel, spa and resort. They offer a very wide range of spa and aromatherapeutic facilities. But there is good news, the hot springs in themselves remain free and accessible by the public at large!

Having been around for nearly 3000 years now, these multi-tiered hot springs actually lay atop a former volcanic crater. I’m sure this has you running back to the Saturn story! Nevertheless, the cascading waters at 100 degrees Fahrenheit make for the most incredible all-natural spa experience.

The area around has some luxury properties where one can stay. This area has still retained some of the olden time stone buildings, all the more adding to its charm. Alternatively, if you wish to cut cost you can stay at the cheaper options of Siena and simply make the two hours long drive here (totally worth it!). Many travellers pack their picnic to eat beside the lake and then enjoy the much-awaited hot springs.

And if you aren’t dreaming of this place already, then just look at the video below!


Who wouldn’t day-dream about that? I’m sure the Saturn God is pleased to see the benefits this can have on the skin and also the fact that the place leaves one feeling so rejuvenated that I highly doubt they’re in a mood for a war or argument. A visit here would be simply be about soaking yourself in, letting your muscles ease, leave your skin feeling supple and leave all of you content and happy, with the hot springs and the incredible view they make for.

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