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Most Beautiful Lakes in Europe

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Europe is filled with dreamy lakes, shimmering with blue and green waters with a picture perfect backdrop. Here are our 10 favourite lakes in Europe:

Lake Como, Italy

I still remember how people were glued to their phones a couple of years back, waiting for the wedding pictures from Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukona (#deepveer). The pictures were stunning but what caught everyone’s attention was the beautiful lake in the background.

Laga di Como or Lake Como is the most popular lake in Italy.  The lake, shaped like an inverted Y is one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever lay your eyes upon. The water is a pretty shade of blue and the surrounding mountains make the setting more picturesque. The lake is located at around 40 km from the fashionable Milan and is flocked by tourists in summers. The lake is dotted with charming resort villages, Bellagio being the most popular amongst them.

If you want to escape the crowds, you can visit during the shoulder months of March and October. There are activities like water-ski, sailing and windsurfing which you can enjoy. Or you can relax on some of the lakeside swimming pools to soak in the sun. Hey maybe you will run into George Clooney. Didn’t I tell you, he owns a villa there? This vacation just got dreamier eh?

lake como
Source: IG handle@temistio

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Stepping into Bled town is like stepping into a fairytale. A gorgeous, shimmering lake in the front, a castle sitting on a mountain in the backdrop and a sky as blue as blue can be.

The blue-green lake, measuring just 2km by 1.4km, is lovely to behold from almost any vantage point. You can walk along its entire shore, and snap a hundred pictures, so pretty it is! It is one of those places which actually looks just like in the pictures, and if you have seen at least one photo of Bled, you’re already in love with it.

The adventurous can rent a boat and row in the designated areas. There are a number of walking trails that offer vantage points to look at the lake.

Lake Bled is one of the most picturesque spots to visit in Slovenia. This small lake has all of the ingredients for the perfect getaway. A castle perched high on a hillside, a pretty little island to visit, hiking trails, secluded swimming spots, and a fantastic sweet treat.

lake bled
Source: IG handle @julia_huber

Kerid Crater Lake, Iceland

One of the prettiest places on Earth also has one of the prettiest lakes. Iceland remains on the bucket list of many and we give you one more gem from the region. The lake was formed on the site of a volcano which erupted thousands of years ago and exhausted its magma reservoir. The eruption made the foundation of the volcano fall on itself and resulted in the formation of the crater as we see it today.

The lake is a unique and strikingly vivid aquamarine shade of blue. There is an easy hike around the rim of the crater to enable visitors to get a closer view. The red volcanic rocks gives a striking background and makes the colour of the lake pop out even more. The lake freezes during winters and the hiking trail also becomes slippery. But but but if you are lucky you may get to witness the spectacular Northern Lights from here. Now that’s something not many lakes can offer.

Kerid Crater Lake, Iceland
Source : https://petapixel.com/

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

This is arguably what will be the prettiest lakes and national park you will ever see in your life – Plitvice Jezera. Even the name sounds dramatic when you say it, doesn’t it! The National Park consists of 16 lakes interconnected by a series of waterfalls. It is set in a forest which is also a natural habitat of various animal species such as deer, bears, wolves and rare bird species.

Plitvice is a series of cascading , turquoise green lakes and waterfalls, and the colours are surreal. You will not be able to look away, you will not find a better place to click photographs, the whole area is so beautiful. There are 8 different walking trails you can take with a duration from 2 to 8 hours. On one of the lakes you can take a boat ride and see the nature from an entirely different perspective.

plitvice lakes
Source: IG handle @pociagdoswiata

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch means lake in Scottish, and Loch Ness is the most famous loch of the country. Now, we all love mysteries, and who wouldn’t get excited about a monster who lives in the lake. Loch Ness is said to be the home of a monster endearingly known as “Nessie”.

This beautiful lake is 23 miles long and 1 mile wide and is very deep. The lake contains more water than all the lakes, reservoirs and rivers of England and Wales combined. That’s a lot! The waters of Loch Ness are very dark due to the peat washed from the hills into the loch. Perfect cover for any creatures that might be living in the depths!

Lake Hallstatt, Austria

Lake Hallstatt is as pretty as pretty can get. A little gem tucked under the mountains, and surrounded by a beautiful alpine village it looks straight out of a fairytale or a story book.  The sixteenth century houses alongside the lake and alleyways, cute cafes and shops make you smile from ear to ear and your heart sing!

The salt mine tour to the oldest salt mine in the world is very popular here. With streets that look like they are lined with colorful gingerbread houses and a gorgeous setting along the lake, it’s hard to believe that this place is real. You can choose between bike rides and hiking, or rowing and pedaling the boats across the lake. Both ways are perfect to explore the beautiful surroundings.

lake hallstatt
Source: IG handle @orisia_udud

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda has a nostalgic charm of a classic novel. Maybe that’s why some of the world’s most famous poets and painters have travelled around it creating the best art.

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake, reaching from the steep alpine foothills to the northern edge of the Po Valley. The southern shore is lined by beaches and backed by low hills, while in the north, mountains and sheer cliffs fringe the lake. Its terrain gives the lake a wide variety of attractions for sports-loving tourists, from steady winds for sailing and windsurfing to mountains for climbing, rappelling, and mountain biking, all with lake views. Don’t miss the chance to drive around the whole lake and visit some of the charming old towns along the way.

Lake Garda is all about wandering around with the best of mother nature’s beauty as your backdrop. There is truth in the saying, “Not all who wander are lost,” as there are so many treasures in Lake Garda to be found!

lake garda
Source: IG handle @ae.pix

Lake Saimaa, Finland

Have you ever thought of living in a cabin by a lakeside? A place where you could go for a dive few moments before sunset when the lake is painted orange and everything’s so serene. Then you should visit Lake Saimaa, the biggest lake in Finland. It made the Wall Street Journal list of the five most beautiful lakes in the world in 2014. The scenery Finland has to offer is at its best in the Saimaa region.

Lake Saimaa has the world’s longest lake coastline, 14,500 km long, and is also home to some 14,000 islands. In fact, there are so many islands, that Lake Saimaa doesn’t look like one body of water, rather a series of lakes.

The endangered Saimaa ringed seal is also a resident of the lake. This is one of the rarest seals in the world, with only around 360 of them surviving today. If you are lucky, you can encounter the gentle ringed seal on your travels, while in the Saimaa area.

The lake remains frozen during winters and is famous for skiing and ice fishing.

lake saimaa
Source: IG handle @visitsaimaa_official

Lake Annecy, France

Lake Annecy is a dreamy lake tucked away in southeastern France. The pristine lake is located at the foothills of the French Alps and is known as the cleanest lake in Europe. The lake flows through the city of Annecy which is why the city is also called ‘’Venice of the Alps’’.

When visiting in summer, there are plenty of sandy or grassy beaches dotted along the picturesque lake. A swim in the refreshing, crystal-clear water serves as a perfect opportunity to relax and take in the remarkable views that Annecy has to offer. There is also a beautiful iron bridge which joins two open gardens on the shores of the lake. Legend has it that if two lovers kiss on the bridge, they will stay together forever. France why so romantic always!

Lake Annecy
Source: IG handle @_jc.pics

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Try to say Vierwaldstättersee. Difficult to pronounce? Oh well, then we will settle for the shorthand Lake Lucerne. Lake Lucerne is a pristine Swiss lake with sparkling blue water and surrounding snow-capped mountains. The lake flows next to Lucerne city which is absolutely gorgeous. With historic architectural masterpieces placed on both sides and the famous Kapellbrucke bridge running through its middle, the place is just picture perfect.

Take a stroll around the lake and see the swans gracefully swim while people sip coffees in the numerous umbrellas covered cafes. A sight to behold!

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Source: IG handle @contandodestinos

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