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Meghalaya in Ten Pictures with On His Own Trip

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This October, Captain Nero took his magic bus to the beautiful Northeastern Desination – Meghalaya, along with a group of 24 people. The group chased multiple waterfalls together, went caving where Captain Nero made sure he took us through the most difficult yet adventurous path, trekked to the beautiful Double Decker Bridge, zip-lined through the lush green mountains and our favourite, did rivercanyoning (the fun-nest of all ;))

The week was all about oohing and aahing over the green stretches and waterfalls, about forming forever friendships with strangers, about letting lose and dancing in the middle of nowhere, about laughing into the night and making memories that we are going to cherish for  very very long time.

Say hellooooo to the group!

Day 1 in Cherrapunji and we went to this stunning beautiful waterfall that’s still not made it to Google or Insta reels 😉 Adventurous trek down to it, a bristling stream leading upto it, and the most beautiful curtain of waterfall to which this picture can do no justice.

Day 2 – Another day, another waterfall! 😀 We went to our most favourite waterfall, Wei Sawdong. Look at that beauty!

How can we miss the highest plunge waterfall in India? 😉

And the famous Living Roots Bridge?

Look at the water babies!

The girl gang!

Ooh and caving was such a thrilling experience. Kuch daag ache hai! 😉

Look at that smile 🙂

Saving the best for the last, our favourite activity of the trip – River Canyoning!

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