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Maple Pine Farm, Mawphlang

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Picture a pretty mountain with a stream running on one side, a beautiful forest on the other and down in the valley is a vintage cottage in a huge farm. Dreamy isn’t it? A cottage in the mountains is what most of us dream about. And every time we go to the mountains, we search for one.

Meghalaya is one of the most stunning places to visit in the country. The magnificent waterfalls and beautiful treks keep calling you back. But today I’ll be telling you about a tranquil country home which is still unexplored by many.

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Maple Pine Farm is a small family-run Bed and Breakfast guest house in the valley below Mawphlang Sacred Forest. Located around 25 km from Shillong, it is bordered by two streams and a vast agriculture land. There is a windmill nearby which adds to the whimsical vibe of the place.

There are four cozy cabins in the homestay. There is also a campsite for people who would love to stay in tents for that outdoor experience. Maple Pine Farm has no conventional electricity. It completely depends on solar and wind as its power source. The owners and staff make efforts to keep their environment clean and also encourage the guests to not litter around.

The homestay is nestled perfectly in a valley below in the foothills of the Sacred Forest. This forest has a deep spiritual history and it is believed that the grove is the abode of deities who look after the forest. There is simple rule that the local folks follow about the forest, ‘Nothing goes out of this forest.’ You are not allowed to take even a dead leaf from the forest. It is believed that anyone who does not abide by this rule mysteriously falls ill which at times may even turn fatal.

The forest trail leads you through some of the most beautiful forest canopies you have ever seen. The vibrant forest has an amazing life form of plants, orchids, and butterflies, rimmed by a dense growth of Castanopsis kurzii trees. As you move deeper inside the forest you will come across monoliths that were used a places of sacrifice of lambs, chickens etc by the local tribe.

You can even rent bicycles and explore the Mawphlang village. You will find locals busy doing farming, gathering woods or fishing in the stream. This is the slow life. Sit by the river bank or play in the crystal clear water. Or just run around breathing the fresh air. And at nights, have the yummy homely cooked food served in the central dining room of the guesthouse.

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This is a place for a quiet time away from the daily hustle and bustle of city lights. This is a place for a beautiful environment friendly experience. This is a place for ardent nature lovers. This is a place to live your perfect cottage dream in the mountains.

How to Reach: Maple Pine is around 25 kilometers from Shillong and usually takes about an hour in car. You can easily get a taxi from Shillong that will charge you anywhere between Rs 500- Rs 600 for a drop till Mawphlang.

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