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Little Andamans

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Little Andaman Island is the last island as well as the fourth largest island of the 500 plus islands that comprises of Andamans yet its remote location makes it the least visited. Situated on the Southern Andaman district, this island is truly a magical place for beach lovers. Moreover, it is also home to the Onge tribe. There are cute tourist huts that sit on the beach itself, flanked by coconut plantations, like a scene from a post-card.

How to reach?

You can reach Little Andamans through government-run ferries that function daily. The ferry connects Port Blair to Hut Bay of Little Andaman and runs every day; taking about 7 to 9 hours to complete the journey. You can also reach this remote island via helicopter. A helicopter service from Port Blair airport to Little Andaman ideally takes around 30 to 40 minutes giving you a panoramic view of the entire Island.

Best Time to Visit Little Andamans

The best time to visit this island between the months of November and May. At this time, one will face minimal rain and storms which makes it the perfect destination for tourists.

Things to do in Little Andamans

This beautiful island has a lot in store for adventure junkies with its beach activities like surfing, cascading waterfalls, delicious and cheap food, local alcohol and well-maintained accommodation. You will be thrilled to know there are also plenty of trekking options in the island too. You can walk through lush jungles, palm plantations and trails leading to spectacular waterfalls.

beaches in little andamans
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You can visit the Red Oil Palm Plantation here to experience the different stages of oil palm fruit production and oil extraction. There are plenty of workers there who are willing to give you a tour of the plantation where you can witness its processing.

There are 2 very beautiful waterfalls in this island – White Surf Waterfalls and Whisper Wave Waterfalls, which you definitely cannot afford to miss! A visit to these waterfalls does not require any entry fee, and one can stay here till the evening and enjoy its beauty.

 White Surf Waterfalls
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Other activities in this island include surfing, snorkelling, game fishing, sun basking, coral viewing, etc. You can also take a bike ride around the Island and visit other beaches like Netaji Nagar, Butter Bay Beach and Harminder Bay Beach.

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Another interesting group of activities is the Elephant Rides and the Elephant Lumbering which takes place inside the rainforests. Camping around the island beaches is prohibited, however, you can get going with it inside the rainforests. The Butlers Bay Lagoon offers another great adventure sport; cliff jumping.

Please note:

  • Many cases of crocodiles spotting have occurred; therefore, it is advisable to take crocodile warning signs seriously.
  • A permit to travel to Little Andaman is required which can be easily fetched on your arrival at Port Blair
crocodiles in little andamans
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