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Lakshadweep in Ten Pictures!

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Welcome to India’s smallest Union Territory, Lakshadweep! Away from the noise and chaos, the islands of Lakshadweep are a visual meditation. Just the sight of this beautiful place is a treat to your heart, body and soul.

things to do in lakshadweep
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There are a total of 36 individual islands in Lakshadweep where some of these islands are inhabited while some aren’t. It is a place to get that perfect sun, sand and the sea holiday. The turquoise ocean and white sand beaches will calm your senses. Come, let’s take a look!

Try snorkelling in the beautiful Agatti Island. Its calm waters and shallow shores full of colourful reef makes it the best place to go for snorkeling. This island is nothing but a sheer paradise for beach lovers and offbeat travellers. While you are here, make sure to relive even the tiniest moment of the slow-paced life.

Agatti Island
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Minicoy, also known as Maliku in the local language is one of the best-kept secrets of India. The lighthouse in Minicoy island is one of the oldest lighthouses dating back to 1855. Visit this lighthouse if you want to marvel at the gorgeous view from a height.

Minicoy island
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Additionally, Minicoy is the perfect option for those who want to try their hands at canoeing because of its shallow waters. While you row, you’ll witness various turtles, corals, colourful fishes all whilst being surrounded by clear turquoise waters.

Kalpeni island is famous for its rich and colourful underwater life. Scuba diving at Kalpeni island is a must. In this unexplored island, you’ll get to witness unique coral species and a variety of marine animals. The scenic view and the tropical weather is enough to soothe your mind.

Kalpeni island
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If you want to explore quieter places in Lakshadweep, then head to Andrott island. The best part about this island is its raw untouched natural beauty. You can visit the light house, explore the untouched lagoons or laze around like a beach bum on the sandy shores.

 Andrott island
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Lakshadweep is one of the few places in India where you can go dolphin watching—off Agatti and Bangaram islands is where all the action is at. Sail out towards the horizon and wait for these playful creatures to show off their awesome dives. You can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife at Bangaram.

Bangaram islands
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The island of Kadmat is another gorgeous island in Lakshadweep. Boasting of silvery white beaches, sunkissed shores, wonderful blue lagoons, azure blue waters, and vibrant coral reefs, Kadmat Island is a travellers’ delight.

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Located north of Lakshadweep is the famous Amindivi Island. It is an ideal place for those seeking to experience the local culture and markets of Lakshadweep.

Amindivi Island
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Lastly, the capital of Lakshadweep, Karavatti Island is the best place to escape into the world of complete bliss. The island’s natural lagoons and scenic views will elevate your soul.

 Karavatti Island
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To sum it all, the island destination of Lakshadweep is always a great place to spend a holiday, especially if you are looking for an offbeat destination in India away from the uproar.

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