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Kolkata in Twelve Pictures!

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The intellectual and artistic capital of India, Kolkata or best known as the ‘City of Joy’ has managed to retain its charm and old-world charisma through the years. Known for its slow way of live (basically ‘Lyaaadhh!’ in bengali), this city is popular for its architectural sites, art galleries, the famous yellow taxi, trams and ooh, how can we forget some delectable street food!

things to do in kolkata
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Go boating at the Princep Ghat which is located on the banks on Hoogly River overlooking the iconic Howrah Bridge. To all early birds, watching the sunrise from the ghat is a beautiful experience.

Princep Ghat
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When in the City of Joy, do not forget to enjoy a tram ride across the town. Kolkata is one those few places where trams still function and it is going to be one of the most funnest experiences ever.

kolkata tram ride
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Mother Teresa is highly regarded for founding the Missionaries of Charity and devoting her life to helping ill and outcast people in Kolkata. Visit the Mother House to see her tomb, the bedroom where she lived, and a small museum dedicated to showcasing her life.

Mother Teresa House in Kolkata
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For the artists and the ones more culturally inclined, visit Kumortuli, especially before Durga Puja. The workshops are fascinating, with idols made from scratch out of clay, before being painted beautiful, jewel-bright colours.

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Visiting a cemetery isn’t usually high on the itineraries of tourists. However, South Park Cemetery one is worth seeing, especially if you’re interested in India’s colonial history! Established in 1767, this grand old British cemetery was used up until 1830 and is now a protected heritage site.

 South Park Cemetery
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Visit the iconic Victoria Memorial which was built between 1906 to 1921 in the loving memory of Queen Victoria.

Victoria Memorial
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Relish the Chinese/Tibetan Cuisine at China Town. Known as Teretti Bazaar, this is one of the few places in the country where you can experience the rich cultural legacy of the Chinese-Indian community. While you’re there, explore the restaurants there and satiate your taste buds. You are definitely going to be spoit for choices.

Roam around the Park Street Area. This iconic street was home to India’s first independent nightclub and has been the center of Kolkata’s nightlife since the glory days of the swinging 60s. There are some really old top notch restaurants which you can explore here.

Park Street Area
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Oh, the Chelo Kebab at Peter Cat is to die for!

Peter Cat
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Take a day trip to Henry Island which is famous for pristine white sand beaches. Though less popular, the beauty of Henry Island is un-matchable in front of other nearby beaches like Mandarmani, Digha, Puri etc.

henry island
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There are plenty of things to do and see in Kolkata, but as an ardent foodie that I am, there’s nothing more rewarding than hitting the sidewalks for some ‘out of the world’ street food. Trust me, you will be transported to heaven (figuratively ofcourse! ;)) after having the first bite itself.

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Kolkata street food
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