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Kingdom of Heaven: Why The Deo Tibba Trek must be next on your bucket list!

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Trees, forests and all kinds of greens, that’s how you know you’re headed for the Deo Tibba trek which is a vision with its sprawling pine, oaks, birches and fir trees. The vastly spanning flora and fauna here canvasses the land far and wide, leading you along the way to points from where you can see tall peaks looming all over you. This includes majestic ones such as the Deo Tibba peak of course but also Jagatsukh Peak and Norbu Peak. Another popular attraction of this trek in the Chotta Chandrataal Lake which has even earned it the title of Chotta Chandrataal Trek.

And, if you don’t yet believe how beautiful it is, then you ought to know that it’s actually godly. Hah, let me explain! As per Hindu mythology, the dome-shaped mountain here is supposed to be the point where gods sit. This is where the gods assemble while Lord Indra himself sits atop Indrasen Peak in order to conduct a meeting or discuss matters with them. The legend has thus lent the peak not just its identity but name too as God’s Peak, i.e., “Deo” meaning God and “Tibba” meaning peak. So, who’s up for going to pay a visit to this godly hill in the Manali district?

How to reach: Fly down to Bhuntar and then head to Manali. Alternatively, since flights to Bhuntar are limited and expensive you can catch a flight to Delhi. From Delhi take an overnight bus till Manali. After reaching Manali, hop on a local taxi to make way to the village of Khanol from where your trek commences.

Best time to trek/visit: May to June, September to October

Duration: 6 days

Difficulty: Moderate

Altitude: 14,698 ft

Trek route: The route will of course depend on what you decide with your local trekking guide, but possible options include:

Manali – Khanpol – Chikka – Seri – Tainta – Mini/Chotta Chandrataal – Tainta – Chikka – Jagatsukh – Manali

treks near manali
Source: https://letshimalaya.com/trip/deo-tibba-base-camp-trek-in-manali/

Day 1: Manali – Khanol – Chikka

Altitude – 3200 m

Approximate Distance –2kms

Your week shall kickstart with a long journey in the first place. First off you have to make it from your hometown to Delhi, then do an approximately 12 hours journey to Manali and from there throw in another 2 hours till Khanol. Hey, don’t get bummed out. The promise of time with mountains is what you need to keep thinking of to stay excited! But you can surely be prepared for a long journey this way.

And, your trek starts off right away after you reach Khanol. But luckily, day 1 has you trekking up just a distance of 2kms. Then it is all about you animatedly starting to stare out at your surroundings, look far off into the mountains that you know are waiting further behind and smile with the thought of all that you will see. Chikka in itself offers you a sighting of Nag Mandir.

Day 2: Chikka- Seri

Altitude – 3600 m

Approximate Distance – 6 kms

Day 2 will leave you positively beaming because Jagatsukh River comes running out to greet you! She doesn’t know where to stop and so you’ll find her sprinting and joining you for large parts of your trail. And, as you lend your ears to her gushing waves, the wildflowers too come out in full bloom like the welcome garlands for a much-awaited arrival. Thus, in this manner you shall arrive at Seri which now stands as a green stretch but once used to be a glacial lake! Nearby you will find tiny waterfalls and Tainta waterfall too at a slight distance to make your camping experience a picturesque one as well.

Day 3: Seri – Tainta

Altitude –3900 m

Approximate Distance – 3 kms

The day starts with a gradual and relatively flat walk but it soon takes a steep turn once you’ve bid farewell to the stream. Thereafter, the climb picks up ascent and you will the moraine fields staring back at your wandering feet and eyes as you progress. Once you progress from the densely forested land you shall arrive at your campsite which awards you with views of the Jagatsukh Peak which stands at a height of 5,050 metres!

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Source: https://www.adventurenation.com/trip/deo-tibba-base-trek

Day 4: Tainta – Mini Chandratal – Tainta

Altitude – 4480 m

Approximate Distance – 10 kms

Your day starts and ends both at Tainta today. But it is going to be quite an exciting one. Why? Well, the emerald blue Chotta Chandrataal or Mini Chandrataal is waiting for you! Not only that, today, you shall be getting your first glimpse of Deo Tibba as well. In fact, on days with good weather Deo Tibba becomes a constant companion accompanying you all the way to the lake and back. The lake is a pool of blue sparkling brightly with its still waters leave you gazing. Walk around the lake or just besides it or hey, even lay and let yourself be completely soaked in its views. After spending time at the lake you shall head back to your campsite at Tainta.

Day 5: Tainta- Chikka

Altitude – 3200 m

Approximate Distance – 9kms

Alas, it is time for you to say goodbye to Tainta! And, as you start retracing your steps to Chikka you are bound to be thinking of the views you saw within these last few days. Converse with your fellow trekkers and ask them too about what they will miss. Probably, you’ll miss the company you kept as well. With the people and the landscapes in mind you shall reach your campsite for one last night, so, make it a memorable one.

Day 6: Chikka- Jagatsukh-Manali

Approximate Duration – Drive from Khanol to Manali takes about 4-5 hours

After trekking back to the point where you had started from, Khanol, you shall once again make way to Manali. You can either catch a direct bus back or rest up for a day in Old Manali with its cafes that offer scrumptious food with a laidback vibe, a well-earned treat after a trek, am I right?!

things to do in manali
Source: https://www.trekmunk.com/treks/deo-tibba-base-camp

So, which trek in the Manali region are you eagerly looking forward to do?!

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