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Kang Yatse II Trek

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Kang Yatse sits like a throne for the Gods in the middle of one of the most popular trekking routes of Ladakh – The Markha Valley! Rising above the grazing grounds of Nimaling and covering the sky, it is the most prominent snow peak on the Markha trail. Magnificent in appearance it rises a good 1700m above the camping site of Nimaling and beckons any trekker passing by to think of climbing it someday. It has 2 summits. The higher one Kang Yatse 1 at 6400m+ is a technically difficult climb and requires considerable mountaineering skills. The lower peak termed Kang Yatse 2 at 6250m is a comparatively easier ascent, with many teams launching summit attempt from the base camp itself.

The route to its summit is challenging and climbs over the base camp steeply on soft snows and loose rocks. This is one of the highest trekking peaks in the entire belt of the Indian Himalayas, higher than Stok Kangri which is more popular and is usually mistaken as the highest trekking peak of India. Compared to Stok Kangri, it is a little more difficult and longer as well.

Kang Yatse II
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The trail takes you through some amazing valleys, some beautiful rivers and some really quaint villages that give a glimpse into the local life of people here. You even come across some monasteries along the trek, which adds a bit of spirituality to this Ladakh trekking experience. At each campground, you will be welcomed by teahouses and legitimate homestays. The significant villas that pass by are Skiu, Markha, Nimling, Hankar and so on. All these structures are the perfect representation of little homes shielded by the monster mountains. Loaded up with bright wildflowers and spiritualist Mani stones, the trek offer a breathtaking path. From dry landscapes to energetic touching terrains, from little streams to vivacious Markha waterway you will experience the differentiating nature.


Day 1: Drive from Leh to Chilling, and trek to Skiu (11,154 ft) – 7 km trek

The drive from Leh to Chilling resembles entering the expanse of infertile, caramel yellow yet dazzling district of the Himalayas. In the main portion of the excursion, significant landmarks Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and Spituk Monastery will interestingly invite you. The quiet and lively Magnetic Hill additionally passes by as you make your particular manner. Through the perspectives on shading evolving rocks, dry meadows you will cross the intersection of Zanskar and Indus waterways. Chilling is a mainstream town of Leh known as the Base camp for Chadar in winter and stream boating in summer.

Best Treks in Ladakh
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The trek ahead incepts with a precarious climb experiencing Zingchen gorge. You will likewise cross the stream on a trolley at Kaya-Do put. The path ordinarily runs over the Indus River. Skiu will stamp the primary outdoors during the tents. It is situated at the conversion of streams Shgri Nala and Markha. The town has genuinely 10-15 houses. They are additionally useful for homestay and coffee breaks. The living space additionally has an old religious community. End your first day of the trek in Skui, anticipating the up and coming rushes.

Day 2 : Trek from Skiu to Markha (12,139 ft) – 20 km

The benefit of Kang Yatse trek is that it consistently covers the Markha valley. Accordingly, you can pretentiously finish Markha valley trek as well. What’s more, today is the day to observe the Markha valley. This will be the longest day of trekking with a sum of 20 km of the climb. On this difficult day, you will be invited by 3-4 towns and their reviving hot tea. The main such town, Harding, comes following 2 hours of climbing. Continue strolling ahead for another 2-3 hours, till you reach Chalak town. It is put delightfully among the grain fields with mountains out of sight. Once more, have some tea and get all empowered for the rest of the trek.

The following campground is at Markha town, which is 5-6km from here. Notwithstanding that, it will take 2-3 hours because of the precarious move to Markha valley. The Markha stream flows with solid momentum and you should cross this enraged waterway. The waterway level may be till knee, contingent upon the snowfall. The Markha valley is considered the biggest because it has around 30-40 houses. For individuals inspired by history, there are remnants of a stronghold. You can likewise locate an old religious community that is accepted to be worked during the 1800s. Make a point to stroll through the town and connect with local people while tasting hot tea.

Leh Ladakh
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Day 3 : Trek from Markha to Thochungtse (13000 ft) – 10 km

Wake up all crisp and be glad as today will be a simple trek. The up and coming path meets streams and Markha waterway a few times filling in as a refreshment. Umlung town is a minor town, which can be perceived by houses and a religious community on the course.

After Umlung the Kang Yatse top comes to permeability and continues calling you! Hankar town will be the following brief breakpoint. You can see the Tacha cloister, ably put on such a statue. Hankar is likewise a campground and one can have a night remain here.

Walk along the all-around checked path from Hankar towards a stone scaffold. Numerous courses are turning out, you continue following a similar way. In the following 2 hours, the fields of Thochungtse become obvious. There are campgrounds and tea houses here. Get yourself alright with the excellent fields and rest for the afternoon.

Kang Yatse II Trek
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Day 4 : Trek from Thochungtse to Nimaling (15419 ft) – 14 km

This will be a brief day loaded up with shocks. Seeing Kang Yatse draws nearer and greater. The path is a progressive climb of 700 meters including 3-4 hours trek. Spiritualist Mani stones having engravings will be found on the course. You will be welcomed by twin Tigu lakes. Even though these lakes are minor they mirror the brilliant Kang Yatse top.

The path goes into an immense plain of Nimling where sheep and mountain goats are grazing. Nimling is prestigious as brushing field lands and will likewise be your campground.

Day 5 : Trek from Nimaling to Kang Yatse Base Camp (16732 ft) – 5 km

This will be the littlest trekking day of the whole trek. Thus, chill and attempt to take advantage of the excellence around you. The principal half of the trek has free shakes however the dazzling perspectives on Kang Yatse will facilitate the agony. The last 50% of the path is a drop. Following 2-3 hours you will land at your base camp.

Make a point to stay out of the tent to get acclimatized. Attempt to not strain your body and unwind at the campground. This is the best time to examine the mountains around you, attempt to catch as much as you can.

Kang Yatse II Trek
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Day 6: Rest & acclimatization day to gear up for the summit attempt

This is a keenly added day to assist you with getting acclimatized to the high elevations. You can think about this as a preparation day. Do whatever it takes not to deplete yourself, as next will be the summit day. The awesome Kang Yatse pinnacle will be gazing at you all through. Furthermore, you can likewise go close by for stature gain trek. Ensure you give enough rest to your body for the summit endeavor. Pack your knapsack for the summit day, keep it light and simple. You will eat ahead of schedule to wake up at noon for the last ascension. Consequently, attempt to rest right on time to get enough rest.

Day 7: Trek from Base Camp to the Summit, and descend back to Base Camp

What’s more, the most energizing day rises! You will begin at noon for the summit push to be at the top around 6 am for glistering dawn. Convey pressed lunch, refreshments and enough water for the strenuous ascension.

High Altitude Treks in India
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Today you will be ascending from around 16,000 feet to straightaway 19,000 feet. Along these lines, being intellectually solid is the key. The course to the summit is through the acclaimed Kang Yatse shoulder. The path begins with free moraine and scree. Free shakes make it hard to verify the foot on the path. Utilize a trekking shaft for help. The course upwards has precipices that are secured with snow often. Given the degree of snowfall, you should rope up for wellbeing. Be cautious and watch each progression. The course goes toward the north face through the northwest edge towards a rough outcropping.

After a lofty move to the top, you will locate the 360 degrees perspectives on the Zanskar go, Karakoram pinnacles and mountains encompassing Kang Yatse. You may likewise see the K2 top (second most noteworthy top on the planet). You may likewise recognize the far-off Tibet mountains. The perspectives are impeccably agreeable and will bring back all the vitality to descend.

Kang Yatse II
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The whole summit way is 5 km every way. At the point when you remember your means, be mindful of the screen and moraines. Ensure you come back from the top by 1 pm to evade further issues because of climate. Return to the base camp to rest after the debilitating summit endeavour.

Day 8: Buffer day in case of bad weather conditions

Cradle day is an additional day that is spent at the base camp for a summit endeavor on the off chance that the weather doesn’t permit. This day is utilized just when the summit is beyond the realm of imagination according to the customary agenda. A large portion of the huge endeavors has 1-2 days cushion day. Subsequently, it is essential to think about this day and cautiously plan your movement dates as well.

Day 9: Trek from Base Camp to Chokdo via Kongmaru La and Drive to Leh (11150 m) – 17 km

With fulfillment and bliss start to get back. This day resembles a reward to appreciate the satisfying mountains once more. The landscape experiences the most noteworthy Kongmaru La pass. After a strenuous move of 2 hours to Kongmaru La pass, you will be enjoyably invited by the Karakoram run and the brilliant exhibit of pinnacles. Hold your breath for the awe-inspiring sight of the enormous K2 Mountain, the second most noteworthy top on the planet. Petition banners are moving along the breeze.

A further trek of 5-6 hours will carry you to Chokdo. The course has a lofty plunge and rough landscape. It will introduce the stunning side of the chilly pastry as you walk through Indus and Ladakh valley.

Today you will have blended sentiments, misery because the trek closes today and fulfillment of finishing the trek. The path changes through the landscape of Indus valley and Ladakh extend. This is the last stop of the whole trek, that additionally has numerous homestays. Think back and attempt to fill the remarkable highlights of the Ladakh in your eyes that you have quite recently experienced while recollecting the Kang Yatse II trek. Your get vehicle will bring all of you the route down to Leh.

Kang Yatse is the best choice for those looking for a 20,000 feet top that is less packed than Stok Kangri. This trek is prescribed uniquely to experienced trekkers. One must be solid and steady truly and intellectually for this trek.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to venture out to Kang Yatse Expedition is in late summers (July – September. During these months, the trail towards Kang Yatse 2 peak is relatively clear and easy to walk with snow visible on the peaks.

How to Reach

If you want fly, Leh is the nearest airport. The road from Manali to Leh is only open in the summers. The road trip may take you 2 days, but depending upon the weather conditions, the travel may also extend to 3 or even 4 days. You should also make sure that you carry at least two spare tires. A good advice would be to carry a sleeping bag with you well, as the bus may stop in the middle of nowhere for the overnight stay. Another route to Leh via Srinagar, also takes around two days. On this route, you would pass through some lonely yet famous villages like Kargil and Khalsi.

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