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Kanamo Peak trek

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Maximum Altitude: 19553 ft

Duration: 6 days

Difficulty: Difficult

A peak with an enormous height of around 20,000 ft. that brings you through some of the most beautiful landscapes and valleys- Kanamo Peak Trek gives you these little moments of achievement and more as you trek along with. Kanamo is formed of two words- “Ka” and “Namo” which adds up to mean “a white lady”, which is considered a god omen by the locals.

Unlike other high altitude treks, the trek to Kanamo Peak is not commercialized and has its own charm in being the untouched one with very few trekkers hiking through its terrains. Kanamo Peak Trek has a natural appeal to it with an excellent view of some breathtaking places like that of Ladakh, Spiti, Pin Parvati Pass, Parang La, and the phenomenal peaks of Kinnaur.

kanamo peak
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This trek is present in Spiti Valley. Rudyard Kipling, the author of the lovable Jungle Book described Lahaul – Spiti as a “world within a world… surely the Gods live here!” It truly is such a magical world!

The valley is a land lost in time. The mountains are huge and barren with vegetation patches scattered in few places. The sky is so clear that you could spot Milky Way with naked eyes. And the people are so warm that you cannot help but fall in love with them. With pristine lakes, some of the world’s highest inhibited villages and precariously perched monasteries on cliffs Spiti look like a postcard picture. And what better to look at this postcard from the top with a 360 degree view.

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Day 1 : Kaza is the base camp from where  you will be taken on a drive to Kibber which is about an hour away. On reaching Kibber you will by all odds feel that this village has the most wonderful sort of historical and cultural values. Kibber village is known as one of the highest inhabited villages not just in India but the world. It once used to be the highest motorable village until Komik took its place. The mountains around Khibber are home to the famous and elusive snow leopards and Siberian Ibex. If it’s a frightfully lucky day, you might see one! The village homes in Spiti are constructed in the typical Himachali style with timber bonded stone. The villages, with their serene surroundings, Tibetan prayer stones and wandering yaks are a sight for sore eyes.

Once you reach Kibber, you will come across the famous Key Monastery. The monastery is located at the top of the hill, with views of the Spiti river and of the imposing mountains. There will be monks in the monastery who will be more than happy to welcome you. There are various other cultural sites that can be explored in and around this place.

Go for an acclimatization walk around the village.

kaza spiti valley

Day 2: This day is also reserved for acclimatization in Khibber. Kibber village offers its travelers with the most mesmerizing kind of vistas and also a variety of traditional practices. Here you will experience life in its simplest form with small villages having people who have a million untold stories with them. Walkthrough the ways, play with the village children and make new friends.

As you take a tour around the village and the numerous sites that are open for exploration, we will be taking you for acclimatization in order for you to get habituated with the kind of atmosphere and air pressure that high altitudes offer.

things to do in spiti

Day 3 : The real trek starts today with challenges coming around. Kibber has a terrain that is dry and desert-like. As you trek, you will find yourself in a continuous ascent for the first three hours and on trekking further, there will be a gradual descent which will last up to 6-7 hours. This trail takes you to alpine lakes that act as water sources in Kaza and you’ll also see a number of small villages sweeping by.

This trek has numerous natural surroundings that will take you by surprise. There are green fields that wait for, there are a variety of flowers that makes this trip even more beautiful for you. The Brahma Kamal which is one of the most beautiful sorts of lotus can also be found on Kanamo Trek. You will also find many fossils that will be lying on the base camp. This addition makes Kanamo a dense site with all the historic, cultural and natural entities at its grab.

Kanamo base camp
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Day 4 : It is Acclimatization day at Kanamo base camp.This day at the Kanamo base camp will solely be dedicated to your health prerequisites and tolerance. You will stay in tents at the Kanamo Base camp and try to get your body acquainted with the air pressure change at that height. You shall try to look for any kind of possibility of AMS as you proceed and take all the necessary actions in order to make this hike a memorable one.

kanamo ttrek
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Day 5 : Today is the day for the real hike. The trek today begins as the sky breaks in its first ray of dawn. It is definitely unusual for you to wake up to such an awakening beauty that the terrains of Kanamo Trek can offer. The morning winds are extremely breezy and harsh and hence warm clothes need to be worn to defend your body. Start walking as the surroundings and the mountains around you swallow away the darkness with the break of dawn.

The hike is a total ascend since the very beginning. It is a difficult climb from this point onwards and you will need to hike along very carefully. Being foot-strong and taking large steps is one of the key points in being successful. This is the only stretch where snow will be found and hence, your toes need to really take a reliable hold of your body.

This includes an assorted walk of steep ascend and also walking on plain terrains. In the primary ascend of 7 hours, the last few hours’ climbs will include snow-covered stretch which makes your hike even more exciting. As you climb up, the snow deepens.

Finally, as you reach the summit of the Kanamo Peak, you will witness the mesmerizing view of the Greater Himalayas. As you climb to the peak, you will see a gigantic glacier surrounded by snow-covered mountains on its sides. This bird’s eye view from the peak will provide you with the most amazing scene of Kinnaur and Spiti Valley and also the two renowned passes of Parang La and Pin Parvati.

treks in spiti valley
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After reaching and savoring the Kanamo Peak to the fullest, start on your way back to the base camp. This will be comparatively easy as it is a defined descend and will take approximately 5 hours of trekking.

Day 6 : Descend down to Kibber following the same route that you took while climbing and then take a small ride to Kaza. After all the trekking and the beautiful scenic beauties that you have experienced, the subtle ride back via the ways that brought you here will only add up to your journey. Enjoy your little hike to Kibber and thereafter try to once again, for one last time savor the beautiful roads with their astonishing beauty. What better way to acknowledge the destination other than going back through the routes that brought you here.

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Best Time to Visit

Kanamo Peak Trek is the most enjoyable during the months of May, July, August, and September. As you approach the peak mid-July, Kanamo summit remains snow chad; hence, making it a great place for snow-lovers. You must be well prepared for the nights as it gets really difficult to adjust in such kinds of weather if you are not well-prepared. During the day time temperatures will range from 16-20 Degree Celsius and nighttime temperatures can go down to -4 Degree Celsius in July.

How to Reach

The road trip to Spiti is a journey to remember. The distance from Manali is around 200 km which is covered in 8-10 hours. You will cross Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass which are covered in snow all year long.

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