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Kanamo Peak Trek

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Region :- Himachal Pradesh
Duration :- 7 Days (Including travel from and to Manali)
Grade :- Moderate
Max Altitude :- 19,553 Ft.
Approx. Trekking Km :- 27 Kms.

The Kanamo Peak lies behind Kibber and Tashi villages, at the heart of Spiti. Fortunately, not commercialized, this is a region of Spiti that is still hidden by the civilization. The fact that it is still untouched by modernity, makes the trek all the more quieter and prettier. The kanamo Peak Trek is for individuals who like to challenge their level of fitness. It is a tedious climb over scree and boulder moraine from Kanamo base camp to the summit. Moreover on the summit day, you don’t only have to climb 4500 ft to the peak but also descend back to base camp. It takes about 12-14 hours to cover this 10km long and challenging trek through challenging terrains. 

Although, the trek takes demands you to be at the peak of your fitness, and exhausts you to the core, the fruit of this hard work is simply overly rewarding. At the summit, you get to see a bird’s eye view of 35 other summits from Ladakh, Spiti, Kullu and Kinnaur. The Shilla Peak, Kanamo’s sister peak is also visible from vicinity. Standing on top the summit is absolutely a gift. 

Trek you can visit the villages in Spiti
Trek you can visit the villages in Spiti

After the trek you can visit the villages in Spiti. There is a certain charm to the village of Spiti. The village is filled with brown mountainside overlooking the green farmlands. 

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