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Kamya Karthikeyan becomes youngest mountaineer to climb Mount Aconcagua

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Good good news! 12-year-old Kamya Karthikeyan has become the youngest mountaineer in the world to climb Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. Aconcagua, at 6962 metres above sea level, is the highest peak outside Asia. Little Kamya summited it earlier this month on February 1.  So cool that a child just in seventh standard, studying in Mumbai Navy Children’s School is the youngest person in the world to do so.

She had a few people who summitted along with her, and an officer stated that “Regular involvement in adventure sports along with years of physical and mental preparation helped Kamya to complete the climb under difficult conditions.”

A few months back, she became the youngest girl in the world to summit 6262 metres high Mt Mentok Kangri, and On His Own Trip covered that story here. She was the youngest to summit Sto Kangri in Ladakh as well. Stok Kangri has now been closed down for any trekking for the next three years.

Kamya started climbing when she just three years old. Back then she did a basic trek in Lonavla with her family. Kamya’s father is a commander in the Indian Navy while her mother is a teacher. At age 7, Kamya trekked up the 12,000 feet Chandrashila peak.

Soon, she did the popular Har-Ki-Dun, Kedarnath and Roopkund lake treks, all of which are well above 3500-meters high. When she was ten years old, Kamya completed the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal. The camp’s at an altitude of 5346-meters. She became the second youngest girl in the world to climb Everest base camp.

In October 2017, Kamya Karthikeyan climbed the highest peak in Africa – Mt Kilimanjaro (5895 meters). A year later she climbed Mount Elbrus (5,642 meters), which is the highest mountain in Europe.

Kamya wants to complete the Explorers Grand Slam in 2021. It means climbing the highest peaks of all seven continents, and also reaching the North Pole and the South Pole.

The record of course makes a lot of people happy. But mostly Kamya, we just hope that you feel a lot of happiness when you are in the mountains, that being in the outdoors continues to be what you love doing the most, and that you stay safe always. We are proud of you.

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