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Best Places to Vist in South Goa: Kakolem Beach and Waterfall

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Kakolem waterfall

I first discovered this pretty, offbeat place in South Goa, while exploring with four friends. We were staying in Agonda, and had already visited the now popular Cola Beach.

How to Reach Kakolem Beach:  From the Cola beach main road, the diversion to Kakolem is hardly 2 kms away. Follow the highway, and you will see a small signboard for Kakolem. A red mud, gravel path will veer off on the left, and you can follow the path down on your bike/car for a few hundred metres before you arrive at the parking spot.

What makes Kakolem a little unique and special among the other beaches in South Goa is that there is a waterfall, falling down almost the entire way down to the beach!! As we left the parking, and walked down the stony steps cut into the cliff, the forest on all sides, and no humans at all, it was as if we were stepping into an enchanted forest that nobody knew about. The walk down took us about fifteen minutes. A few eyes followed our journey. A few labourers were building a small homestay on the cliff.

When we reached the beach, a small six room/shack hotel greeted us. It’s the only inhabitable establishment on the beach, with a running restaurant. On its other side, lies a small lagoon formed by the waterfall.

Things to do at Kakolem : We splashed through the lagoon and started monkeying up the cliff. In November, the water wasn’t gushing down but I imagine that in the monsoons it might be a little difficult to climb the cliff from the lagoon side. As we climbed higher, we found small pockets in the cliff, where the waterfall had collected. It was beautiful, a small private waterfall for the five of us, hidden from everywhere.

Kakolem goa

We took some photos, and then splashed in the cold, waist high, water.

waterfalls in goa

After an hour, we walked down to the hotel and let our wet clothes dry out. Ordered for lunch, and conversations with the cook revealed that till 2019, it was mostly Russians and other foreigners who would come here. Covid had left its mark in 2020, and that’s why there were hardly any tourists when we went.

The sea looked heavenly, the green waters welcomed us, and we ran in for a swim. A long stretch of rocks extended into the sea, and we entered the water, jumped over and walked the 50 metres stretch to the edge of the rocks. The view from there was amazing. Sea on three sides, and if we looked behind, a beach, and a massive forest all around it, falling down a cliff. It really is a beautiful sight!

Kakolem beach
Source: https://www.exploreincrediblegoa.com/listing/kakolem-beach/

On the beach, a few girls were taking photographs of each other. We got into conversation, and they told us how they had been staying there for a few days. I liked the sound of that. A little puppy pranced about, trying to tempt us into playing a chasing game. On the left side of the beach, we saw some cliffs (like you see in so many Goa beaches), and some high boulders. Again, we clambered over them, to find some hidden lagoons. Interestingly, we found tiny caves inside the cliffs.

You can easily spend a little over half a day at Kakolem beach. Go to the waterfall, swim in the sea, climb some boulders and find your own lagoon, be Robinson Crusoe mate!

Make sure you do not litter anything.

Best time to visit Kakolem Falls: If you want to see the waterfall, it would be best to go between August and October. The beach is inviting all throughout the year. Carry sunglasses, and a hat/cap. Apply loads of sunscreen 😉

Note: The hotel at Kakolem Beach is decent, but not fancy. No air conditioning. A basic airy room for 2-3 people with a fan. Priced at Rs 2000, but could be negotiable. 

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