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India’s top 10 tree house resorts!

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As a child I remember reading about tree houses in novels. Enid Blyton surely left a child pining for a tree house with his Famous Five and Secret Seven having their elusive meetings set in a tree house or two. In fact, one time my sister and I made a makeshift shed in our garden and draped it with a lot of fallen trees and called it our own personal tree house. Hah, undoubtedly that was a failed attempt, but it was a joyful day. And I’m sure many of us are still looking to tick off that tree house experience from our lists. So, sharing with you some of the best tree house resorts in India.

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1) Machan – Lonavala

India's best tree houses

Hellooo, Maharashtra folks, please tell us what is your favourite weekend getaway spot? No points for guessing this one, it’s none other than Lonavala. While we’ve all enjoyed our drive to Lonavala in the monsoon season when its lush green and having a hot plate of Maggie at Tiger’s point, how about trying out something new? Jambulne is an isolated forest near Lonavala. Renowned as a biological hotspot, it is the home of the gorgeous Machan resort. Surrounded by Sahayadri Hills and its endless trees, this should be on your getaway list.

2) Pugdundee – Bandhavgarh

India's best tree houses

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve is a popular spot for jungle safari enthusiasts. Popular for tiger sighting, this forest makes for a delightful holiday for the nature lovers. Over a sprawling area of 21 acres of forest land, Pugdundee Safaris Resort has 5 tree houses. They refer to these tree houses as hideaways amidst the forest lands, a way to live the snug life inside their cosy rooms, surrounded by the trees, the green breeze and the sounds of the jungle. Local craft and traditional knowledge have been used in the construction of these tree houses. This is reflected in their regularized wood, traditional jungle living architecture and eco essentials.

 3) Tree house resort – Jaipur

Tree house resort Jaipur

This award-winning property is nestled in the Syari valley and offers views of the Aravali hills. They associate themselves as an eco-luxury property. The theme behind this property has been the four elements of the Earth – air, water, fire and soil. This is interesting as the styling and the designing of the property has been reflected through this theme. From tree top rooms to over water suites, the resort is a paradise in itself. Take a swim in their plush pool or spend your day reading a book or relaxing in their wooden gazebos. We’re packing our books already!

India's top tree houses

Tree house resort Jaipur

4) Suro Treehouse – near Shimla

 Suro Tree house Shimla

 Bringing to you Shimla’s very best, Sure Tree House Resort in the charming village of Shoghi. Wake up to the view of an oak forest and endless deodar pine trees. If a hill station escape is what you need then head to this one. They offer jungle picnics, nature walks, wildlife spotting trips, village visits, amidst other activities, making this a complete experience in itself.

5) Marmalade Springs – Kalpetta, Kerala

Do you wake up in the morning thinking, “but first coffee”? Well, this resort is not just for coffee lovers alone but for all. The added cherry on top is the fact that it is located within a coffee plantation itself! Kalpetta prides itself for being one of the fewer districts in Kerala that has painstakingly preserved its pristine nature. The location allows you to get a taste of sub-tropical savannahs, spice plantations, hill stations and the rich local culture. A blend of culture, history as well as wilderness, will make this a wholesome holiday. Get yourself a cup of local coffee, sip on it in this balcony as you soak in your surroundings.

India's best tree houses

6) Nature Zone Resort – Munnar

The misty mountains of Munnar are a must do for a getaway in South India. Munnar’s tea plantations and greenery make you want to simply stroll about leisurely in its lanes, leaving your daily life behind and simply living in the moment. Nature Zone Jungle Resort in Munnar offers an authentic tree house experience. Authentic because each of the tree houses here has been built on actual living trees. Even so the comfort and facilities here have been highly maintained.

Nature Zone Munnar

7) Hornbill River Resort – Dandeli 

 India's best tree houses

Adventure junkies, this is the tree house for you! Sitting in nature’s lap surrounded by the Kali river, the tree house here will let you wake up to the sound of chirping birds in the morning from the trees that envelop your room. Added to this is the fact that from here you can indulge in activities such as white-water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, etc. This makes it ideal for those who are perpetually itching to do something adventurous and at the same time are seeking to try out a tree house experience.


 8) Vyithri Tree Resort – Wayanad

India's top tree houses

The property proudly proclaims itself to be, “Nature’s home ground”. If you’re looking to let go in the layers of nature head to Vyithri. In the enchanting tropical rainforest, there is an icy stream flowing for you to dip your feet, there is a mountain top for you to climb and sit on and there is the constant chatter of the cicadas. As you walk around this resort, you will begin to feel more and more connected to nature.

Vyithri resort

9) Rainforest resort, Athirapally falls

Athirapally resort

Looking to give you an experience that you cannot have in the city is the Rainforest Resort in Athirapally falls.

Rainforest athirapally

Did I mention that they have an infinity that too overlooking the waterfall?

India's best tree houses

Trek to the stunning Athirapally waterfalls. In fact, do some waterfall hopping. Take a cycle and let your inner child whizz through the thick rainforest. Let your taste buds treat itself to the delicacies of the local Kachar tribe. Take forest walks through the dense forest. And of course, reward yourself this heavenly stay in the resort’s tree house.

10) Manali Tree House Cottage

This rustic cottage atop a tree, will offer you stunning views of the Himalayas. Manali has been the most favourite mountain destination within India. However, with time the much-loved destination has got crowded with rampant number of tourists visiting it in big numbers. But la di da, bringing to you a quaint retreat within Manali. A hidden house, with the mountain ranges for your eyes and pine trees to keep you company. If the mountains are calling, then you must go!

India's best tree houses

Unleash your hidden Mowgli or pamper the luxurious lover inside of you, these are the best tree house resorts in India and they are waiting for you.

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