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Indian Restaurants in Salzburg

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If you are like me then after a few days of trying every local food, you’ll be craving for a Spicy Indian meal. No, you don’t need to carry those “ready to make” boxes with you when you get authentic Indian food almost everywhere. Here are some of the Indian restaurants you should try in Salzburg.

Way to India

Located in the heart of Salzburg, the Way to India restaurant is a popular and truly authentic Indian restaurant. The restaurant serves appetizing vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian delicacies along with aromatic Arabic cuisines. The service at Way to India restaurant is excellent and extremely prompt, leaving you even more satisfied with your meal. The menu at this fine dining Indian restaurant is very extensive – with great options from Indian starters including the hot sumptuous tandoori delectable side dishes. You can also go for a lunch Buffet to enjoy a variety of food. Don’t forget to order the zestful Mango Lassi to complement and complete your meal.

way to india
Source: IG handle @ela_kridlova

Indian Palace Restaurant

The ambiance at Indian Palace restaurant gives you a chance to soak in the colours, spices and flavours of authentic Indian food. Indian Palace restaurant prepares dishes keeping in mind the sensitive palates of the local crowds by balancing out the spices, making it a great dining out option even for the locals. If you want your food to be India-level spicy, make sure you inform your server about it, in advance. The best part about dining at Indian Palace is that all their spices are imported directly from India, making the food truly authentic. The restaurant also has a pre-fixed Indian Palace Thali that can be shared between two people. The thali includes Bhalla Chaat, Rogan Josh, Murgh Makhani, mix sabzee, daal, naan, rice and pappadum. The meat lovers must try  the mutton korma, murgh vindaloo and palak gosht.

Maharaja Indian Restaurant

Be treated like royalty at the Maharaja Indian restaurant. The ambience is as good as the food it offers. The restaurant is popular for bringing in savory ingredients, Indian aromas and spices to prepare the dishes that make your dining experience at Maharaja worthwhile. The restaurant offers flavorful lip smacking Mughlai and Punjabi cuisines. Have a royal and exquisite dining experience coupled with amazingly delectable cuisines that one can pick from their extensive menu of authentic Indian cuisines. Some of the must try dishes are Rogan Josh, Akbari Prawns, Mughlai Chicken Korma, Murg Musallam and Murg Nihara. The vegetarians can go for their Dal makhni, Mushroom Sabzi and kofta. Wrap up your dinner with a plate of hot Gulaba Jamun.

maharaja indian restaurant
Source: IG handle @snackchatlive

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Located in the centre of the historic city of Salzburg, Taj Mahal Indian restaurant has an extensive North Indian menu that consists of delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian curries that go well with their melt-in-the-mouth naans. The restaurant also serves international and local drinks that you can pair up with the sumptuous food that is served at Taj Mahal. A great plus is that the restaurant does not use any added preservatives and prepares lean, low-fat and high-fibre food. The restaurant also serves vegan food, the vegan dishes they serve are chana masala, sabzi jhalfrezi, aloo palak, dal tadka and jeera aloo. Don’t forget to let your server know whether you want your food to be mild, medium, hot or extra hot. We suggest you make reservations before you head.

taj mahal restaurant
Source: IG handle @loleeta_84


The answer to your all Indian food cravings when you are in Salzburg is Surya Indian Restaurant. Surya is known for serving some of the best Indian food. The restaurant serves authentic Indian food in the most authentic style with a wide variety of chutneys and curries that diners can choose from. Make sure you reserve a table in advance as the place is relatively small and you might not get a table immediately. All the items here are hot sellers, especially the chicken korma, biryani and veg makhanwala.

Source: IG handle @thewongdiet

Hanas Rasoi

Salzburg’s Hanas Rasoi is known to serve some yummy Indian food for those who are missing home and for locals who are tired of eating the usual food. This is your go-to place if you are looking for a hearty meal that includes North Indian favourites like paneer, dal makhani and soft as cotton naans. They are known for dishing up authentic Indian dining experiences for diners who come in with empty stomachs, making sure they go back with full stomachs and fuller hearts. We suggest you make a reservation before you visit the restaurant.

hanas rasoi
Source: IG handle @hanas_rasoi

Spicy Spices

Spicy Spices is a restaurant in Salzburg that serves some mouth-watering Indian food while you soak in the restaurant’s quirky vibe. Spicy Spices is a cosy restaurant with simply done up decor, specially known for its food. You can order some starters and sip on chilled beer and just relax or order a full-fledged Indian meal consisting of steaming hot, aromatic curries and soft flatbreads. Spicy Spices is run single-handedly by the owner who manages the restaurant and even serves up tasty Indian food to diners. The perfect place visit when you are in the mood to eat something light and healthy.

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