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Indian Restaurants in Prague

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The City of Hundred Spires or Prague has become quite the popular tourist destination. With baroque buildings, historical squares and corners, gothic churches and what not in its architectural vault along with its present-day blooming night life, Prague has become quite a favourite. So, if you’re visiting the city that is home to the Vltava River and find yourself tired of munching on European food or just craving for some good old Indian delicacies after long travels, then this article shall share options of some of the best Indian restaurants with you!

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How to reach Prague: You can catch a hopping flight from New Delhi to Prague. Stopovers are usually in Warsaw or Paris.

Best time to visit: September to October, March to May

Let’s get digging into some desi food:

Masala Indian Restaurant

Well, I think the name in itself should get you happy! I remember a friend once complaining that while she loves a lot of European dishes and loves tasting the local cuisine, after a week or two one just wants that good old masala. This restaurant is for the ones who are missing the tadka from back home. The restaurant has such popularity in Prague that it has 3 locations now! Their tandoori chicken, chicken malai tikka, chicken Madras and rogan josh are all highly recommended. Further, in their vegetarian options the lentil soup, rajma, idli and sambar are the ones that will make your mouth water. If you’re intending on making a visit, try and book a table in advance as this one is known to be packed.

Masala Indian Restaurant
Source: https://www.prague-stay.com/lifestyle/review/758-masala-indian-restaurant


The fact is that Indian food outside of our country works out for an expensive affair. Not always but mostly. And the simple reason is that no matter where in the world you go majority of the time it is the local dishes that are cheaper and foreign cuisines bite into your pocket. So, if you are travelling on a budget and want to relish Indian food without splurging too much, then Govinda restaurant is the ideal one for you. The Hare Krishna Movement has a centre for Vedic Studies in Prague. It is in this centre that this simple and cheerful restaurant is run. The food is prepared by the followers. The dosas are quite popular, as are their meal plates. In fact, a key highlight is that you can get their meal boxes to go which gives you a good takeaway option with a fulfilling meal comprising of a soup, vegetable or curry with rice, salad and desert.

govinda prague
Source: https://www.prague-stay.com/lifestyle/review/418-govinda

Indian Jewel

For a plush night with fine dining experience along with the comfort of Indian food, the Indian Jewel is well quite the gem (pun intended! ?). With wooden chairs, draped dupattas, staff dressed in traditional kurtas and food being served in copper pots, this one goes all out to make you feel right at home! Another added advantage is that it is located at a walking distance from the Old Town square, so, after a day of exploring or roaming about you can stop by for a hearty meal. Speaking of hearty meals, while their menu has a wide range of options for whatever you may feel like hogging on, make sure to keep a little space in the end. Why? For some kulfi falooda! Kulfi in Prague, who would have ever imagined?

indian jewel
Source: https://www.pragueexperience.com/pop-up-information/xlarge.asp?PlaceID=359

Pind Prague

If tastefully done chic restaurants are on your mind, then look no further. The Pind restaurant in Prague welcomes you with its rustic brick walls in contrast to the cheerful table covers. The fresh plants and candles on the centre of your table only add to the charm. But the most charming of course is the aromatic food that you can expect to be treated to over here. Their menu is complete with starters, main course options, deserts and even drinks for those looking to sip on something along with their food. Their ambience and cooking prowess make the restaurant a popular option too. So, if your urge for Indian food is really strong you can go gobbling away completely! Hah, happy hogging!

pind prague
Source: https://pind.cz/#!index.html

Indian By Nature

Now if you are thinking that a few dishes here and there will not be enough to satiate your hunger, then this one is going to make you happy. While in Delhi we have Punjabi By Nature, Prague seems to have Indian By Nature! I don’t know if there is any correlation but let me draw one out for you, the one that foodies love and that is buffet! For a widespread option with a whole bunch of things to eat from the start to the end, their weekday special buffet is for you to fulfil all such urges. Wear those baggy pants and go munching away to glory. The restaurant’s chef, Chef Sarkar, is known for his culinary expertise which should leave your belly pleased.

indian by nature
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/indian-restaurants-in-prague/

K – The Two Brothers

The name of the restaurant has an interesting story behind it. The K stands for Kapurthala which was a kingdom in Punjab. In ancient times the king hailing from there is said to have travelled across Europe along with his chefs who then picked up their culinary practices. This restaurant, by two brothers, goes to in turn bring the Indian cuisine to Europe! With the looming portraits, chandeliers and candle topped glasses, they seek to create a regal affair. This one is specially a delight for meat lovers as their chicken and mutton dishes are known for well-done tender meat and rich curries. Fret not, they have plentiful vegetarian options as well.

k the two brothers
Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/travel/eating-out/k-the-two-brothers/ps56196407.cms

Traveller’s Club

If you’re looking to stop out to the outer parts of Prague, maybe a little away from the main parts of the city then Traveller’s Club is a nice option. It is located near a beautiful river, so, you know where to head for your post meal stroll. Now this restaurant doesn’t serve just Indian food but also Lebanese and Arabic cuisines. So, if you are interested in a wider range of meal options then you and your fellow travellers can head here. Amongst their Indian dishes they pride themselves for their biryani. Also, when the weather is right their outdoor seating makes for a beautiful evening.

traveller's club
Source: https://www.hedvabnastezka.cz/klub-cestovatelu-praha/english/

Happy munching, foodies!

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