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Indian Restaurants in Munich

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The capital of Bavaria is home to a series of centuries old museums and buildings, its architecture transporting you to another era. Interestingly, this comes in contrast with the fact that today it is also world-famous for its beer with places such as beer halls and of course, Oktoberfest. Now there are multiple reasons why you might visit Munich but if your visit has you craving some Indian food then don’t worry because we have some recommendations for you!

How to Reach: There are a few direct flights from India to Munich but these work out quite expensive. Alternatively, you can opt for hopping flights which generally tend to connect via Dubai or Istanbul.

Best time to visit: March to May

As for where you might find some good old naan, rajma, dal, or more here we go:


When Salman Khan said “Swagat nahi karoge humara”, I guess he never knew that you would be saying so at a restaurant somewhere in Munich. ? Aroma of fluffy garlic naans and sizzling curries will invite you into this North Indian restaurant opposite the famous Prinzregenten Theatre. The restaurant has been running here for over 22 years and maintains its ambience with colourful upholsteries, paintings and walls. Their must try dishes include the paneer tikka, chicken tikka and mutton seekh kebab in the starters. In the main course the chana masala, palak paneer and arhar dal are sure to make the vegetarians super happy! The restaurant has a considerable amount of space so you needn’t worry if you are a big party headed for a meal.

Source: https://trailstainedfingers.com/swagat-indian-restaurant-munich/

Kashmir Inn

If your idea of an Indian meal is not just the basics but even the more elaborate dishes then head to the Kashmir Inn. They prepare their dishes extensively with the richness of the aromas and methods of cooking that they have been passed down through the generations. From the mutton that is painstakingly cooked in order to ensure that the meat is done well and sits tenderly in your mouth, to the chicken with comes with a burst of flavours and not to forget the jalfrez for our dear vegetarian friends who can enjoy the fresh vegetables in a curry sauce. Ah let’s please remember that the vacation calories don’t count right?! Hah, throw on those pants with a lot of room and let yourself swoon on mouth-watering food even continents away from home.

kashmir inn
Source: https://www.groupon.de/deals/kashmir-inn-1


If all of the above has you thinking about more and more food then get prepared because this is for the hardcore foodies, the one with big appetites looking to dive into a huge menu. The restaurant named Shiva is located at Augustenstr in Munich. It is a simply done basic restaurant that will have you thinking about good old eateries that you find in your local neighbourhood or colonies in India. But simplicity in appearance isn’t the same in its food because they have a wide range of options. For the foodies they have a selection of Thalis as well so if you want to happily gobble up a lot of Indian food, then you’re at the right place. You can enjoy the dal makhani¸ fish Punjabi and a unique desert in the form of kulfi with coconut here.

Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/shiva-m%C3%BCnchen?select=FeSvU1T-NJ0nPS-rsKPN3g

Indian Mango

Okay if all the heavy curries and thalis have you wondering about where you might get something a little lighter to eat, then lo behold we have a South Indian restaurant for you. If dosas with warmly served sambhar and the quintessential savoury coconut chutney, are what you crave amidst all the heavy eating then the Indian Mango will take care of you completely. They not only have a wide range of selection of South Indian food but also provide vegan options and stuffing. If you’d like a drink to go with your bite then they also serve liquor and wines. Added brownie points are bagged by this one as it is relatively cheaper than most Indian options found in Munich.

indian mango
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/indian-restaurants-in-munich/

Garam Masala

Often the issue that most of us Indians have with European or Western style of cooking is that the food is little more on the bland side. We aren’t always satisfied without the tadka and something masaaledaar. Thus, swooping right in is the restaurant so aptly named as Garam Masala. While their food is often on the creamier side and less pungent in order to cater to the westerners visiting their establishment, you can always request the waiter to make sure that your meal is nice and spicy as you like. If the answer to your cravings and hunger pangs lies in some North Indian food, then you will find yourself enjoying a meal at this one.

garam masala
Source: https://www.facebook.com/2159062641025674/photos/rpp.2159062641025674/2159063501025588/?type=3&theater

Ashoka Indian Cuisine

With its central location and promised culinary prowess, this restaurant has earned itself quite the name in Munich. Not only that, the Ashoka restaurant also fares rather well on the customer experiences and ratings. Some Gujarati tid-bits to South Indian delights, dishes from eastern India to the much-loved northern ones, they boast of preparing it all. For a hale and hearty meal when everyone craves a little slice of something from back at home but no one is sure of exactly what, then this help helps you with its array of choices. They are also appreciated for their quick and efficient service and a staff that is happy to help you in making your selections. Lastly, somehow, we all need a desert! And what says an Indian desert better than a gulab jamun? So, top off your Indian belly in the streets of Munich with this tenderly made soft sweet.

ashoka india restaurant
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/indian-restaurants-in-munich/

When you’ve walked through the pages of history that stand tall and starkly spelled out in its ancient architecture and buildings, when you’re in need of a break and most importantly a good bite, if the thought pops up in your head for some Indian food then you know just where to go. Happy hogging!

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