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Indian Restaurants in Athens

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The capital of Greece, Athens is boasts vibrant energy suggesting an array of an interesting neighbourhood with people of unique personalities. Athens and its culture are full of art and history. It houses some great historical monuments that till today proudly stand firm. All the places in Athens are filled with broken history and political turmoil, which sends a vibe that oozes excitement and curiosity. Athens has a lot to offer to the tourists and never leaves them not satisfied. Even the food in the city reflects the culture here.

But once in a while when you feel homesick, or you’re craving for extremely zesty food that will tickle your taste buds, head to one of these authentic Indian restaurants in Athens that will make you feel like home and satiate all your desires.

Indian Chef

Indian Chef
Source: IG handle @indianchef_athens

With its location in the heart of the city, Indian Chef is a very easy to locate Indian restaurant in Athens. Just within walking distance from metro Acropolis, this place is known for mouth-watering Indian cuisine, combining high-quality fresh Greek products with sub-continental flavours. The menu at Indian Chef flaunts an amazing range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines including signature Indian delicacies like mixed vegetable curry, daal makhni, daal tadka, chana masala, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, different kind of dosas and so on. Enjoy light snacks like samosa, chicken pakoda, dahi papdi chat if you feel like having a blast in your mouth. Even the ambience of The Indian Chef restaurant also reflects the rich Indian culture. All the delicacies here are prepared by traditional Indian style of cooking, which gives the touch of home to the food. Make sure you try the Bengali rasgulla here. After all no Indian meal should end without a dessert.

Indian Kitchen

indian kitchen
Source: IG handle @ioannisproph

Situated close to the famous Platia Sintagmatos and the Greek parliament, The Indian Kitchen is now among one of the popular Indian restaurants in Athens. Tourists from all over the world visit the Platia Sintagmatos; thus, everyone craving for some hot and zesty food head to the restaurant.It offers both indoor and outdoor seating making it a perfect place to even chill with your friends in the evening, with a beer in your hand. Quality food blended in the mix of the most authentic Indian spices makes the food here delicious. The menu is filled with starters and side dishes (Indian appetizers, salads and soups), traditional Indian tandoor dishes, and spicy chicken dishes. Apart from some sizzling Indian dishes, the place also offers a variety of wine and beers to go with your food.

Indian Haveli

Indian Haveli
Source: IG handle @giorgos_krikorian

As the name suggests the ambience of the place can surely dive you in the deepest and historical roots of India! The place can be very optimally regarded as the best and decent place to dine at, while getting the experience of Indian taste! . Located just a walk away from Acropolis metro station, Indian Haveli succeeds in recreating the ambiance, atmosphere and the flavour of a grand dining experience. This place boasts of its colourful menu that comprises starters, soups, salads, nans, tandoori delicacies, fish items, myriad vegetarian food, desserts and a range of Indian and global beverages. Apart from food, drinks and warm hospitality, Indian Haveli also organises various events to keep their guests entertained while they surf over the food platters.


indian haveli
Source: IG handle @priyankarastogi13

A cosy little place, Mirch offers authentic food from India. It is necessarily an Indian street food restaurant but has the highest level of authenticity. Although it focuses more on its take away orders, you can always watch how they cook your food and grab a table and eat if you like so. All the spices the restraint uses are imported from India and all other fresh seasonal ingredients are brought in from South-East Asia. Mirch serve typical Indian cuisines like saag paneer, chana masala, mixed vegetable curry, chicken tikka, chicken malai tikka and chicken curry. For the snack lover, they have vegetable samosa, meat samosa, onion bhaji and chicken pakoda. This apart, if you are a beer enthusiast, Mirch is the right place to be as they have a massive collection of beers that is bound to appeal to the connoisseur in you! They claim the delicious food they prepare will definitely tantalise your taste buds.

Namaste Indian restaurant

namaste indian restaurant
Source: IG handle @namaste_indian_restaurant

Namaste Indian Restaurant offers you a gastronomic adventure that redefines the impression of Indian cuisine. The restaurant prepares authentic Indian food with passion and flare from fresh ingredients and traditional Indian spices. The restaurant has a soothing ambience with melodious Bollywood music that played in the background. This place offers a wide range of carefully prepared and slowly cooked dishes in a traditional tandoor (deep clay) oven. Embark on a food delight with its rich menu of starters, sides, vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses, various types of breads and nans and a carefully selected collection of beverages. The people are not only amazed by the kind of truly Indian taste being served in somewhere out of India, but they are also touched by the rituals and the customs, the people show at the place. The traditional welcome with regional and Indian language along with spicy Dal adds to the tadka and feel of having food in this place!

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