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Indian and Vegan Restaurants in Salzburg

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Medieval and baroque buildings, a picturesque river named Salzach and of course, the Alps that it looks back at, welcome to the city of Salzburg.

How to reach: You can fly to Salzburg with stopovers in Istanbul, France or even Bahrain.

Best time to visit: April to May, September to October

A lot of times while travelling it can be hard to find food that caters to requirements of vegetarians and vegans. When you’re in Austria if you find yourself craving some Indian food or if you are a vegan and unsure about joints that they may cater to these requirements, then we have some suggestions for you!

Maharaja Indian Restaurant

For when you’re in the mood for dining like a king or a maharaja. ? Known for their Mughlai and Punjabi dishes mainly even within the Indian menu, the restaurant is popular amongst not just folks from our country but also travellers from different parts of the globe. Their Mughlai chicken, malai kofta, mushroom sabzi and noorjahani tikka make it to the list of recommended dishes. With interiors along the lines of family restaurants from back home, this one tries creating that typical Indian restaurant atmosphere for its visitors. Head here for a filling meal for lunch or dinner.

Maharaja Indian Restaurant
Source: https://www.quandoo.at/en/place/maharaja-indian-restaurant-58897


This charming little joint was the first of its kind in Salzburg. It prides itself for being the first vegan bistro and café in the area. It is just a short distance from the Mirabelle Palace and Gardens, so, you can stop by for a bite after visiting those attractions. They are best known for their salads, sandwiches and fresh natural juices. Their breakfast options include fresh fruits also to kick start your day on a fruity note. Adding to the delight are the colourfully down floral walls, décor items and restored chairs. Notice the V that stands out? Well, its intended to let visitors know loud and clear that they restaurant caters to vegetarian and vegan eaters very well!

Source: https://www.happycow.net/reviews/gustav-salzburg-66733#i=292577

Hanas Rasoi

“Rasoi” means kitchen in the Hindi language and lets you know that you are headed towards some Indian style goodies. Favourites from the land of North India are your best picks here such as daal makhani, shahi paneer with the quintessential butter naan. If you stop by on a hot summery day you can cool off with a nice glass of lassi too. The rasoi is always busy cooking up quite the relish worthy meals for their customers, leaving most foodies very happy with what they bite into. Its popularity makes it a crowded one though, so, it is advisable to book a table in advance. 

hanas rasoi
Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/indian-restaurants-in-salzburg/

Bio Burger Meister

Enter this one because why should non-vegetarians have all the fun?! So many I know complain that while travelling outside India they cannot find vegetarian options at fast food restaurants. They enter good old chains such as McDonald’s or Burger King only to find that the menu there has just 1 or 2 basic options for them. A cure for this comes in the form of Bio Burger Meister in Salzburg. In addition to their beef burgers their menu has plentiful options of vegetarian as well as vegan style burgers. So, take that big burger bite now! These work really well for takeaway options as well in case you have to head for some sightseeing soon or intend on going for a picnic (because why not!).

bio burger maester
Source: https://www.bioburgermeister.com/

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant

Amongst the best known things from India around the world is of course the wonderous Taj Mahal. Its name will call out to you with the promise of aromatic curries and buttery naans even in the middle of the historic centre of Salzburg all the in Austria! With their welcome door brandishing garlands and the inside having colourful walls, the air inside swiftly turns Indian here. For the non-vegetarians the chicken vindaloo is a recommended one but focussing on our vegetarian friends, the likes of palak paneer, sabzi jhalfrezi, dal tadka, channa masala and aloo jeera await. For a hot plate of some homely goodies, head to the Taj Mahal restaurant!

taj mahal restaurants
Source: https://pickyourtrail.com/blog/restaurants-in-salzburg/

Heart of Joy

Owners Priyavadini and Priyavadin Reisecker started this vegetarian and vegan restaurant back in 2003 and since then it has been amongst the most popular choices for vegan travellers. They believe themselves to be very spiritual beings and follow the teachings of a spiritual leader called Shri Chinmoy. The café thus shares information about meditation classes as well. This has also influenced their food which they seek to prepare with organic and local ingredients. In addition to the savoury bites that you can find here, the Heart of Joy is also a popular pick on account of their delightful deserts. Pies, pastries, ice-creams, etc. you name it. Veganism does not mean lack of options as shown by the range of deserts available here! So, who’s feeling joyful now? ?

heart of joy
Source: https://www.heartofjoy.at/en/

Organic Pizza

Are you tired of having margherita pizza all the time? I mean seriously, how is cheese and 2 other ingredients alone enough to suffice for a whole meal? Okay okay, staunch supporters of margherita calm down! The point is that if you want your pizza menu to offer you a lot more than just a basic pizza, then dear vegan friends this pizzeria is the place for you to go to. They provide you with toppings of various varieties including a whole range of organic options. Plus, they make their pizzas in the authentic wood-fire oven style to give you the actual goodness of a well-prepared pizza. Aubergines, sun-dried tomatoes (my personal favourite!) and shitake style mushrooms are going to make your meal a very delicious one.

organic pizza
Source: https://www.facebook.com/1569055343325119/photos/p.2688008198096489/2688008198096489/?type=1&theater

So, for the ones looking for fresh veggies or aromas the fragrance of which can take them back all the way to home, the above are some options for you. Happy travelling and happy hogging!

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