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How to reach Butterfly Beach in Goa

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South Goa has a fair share of secret spots that only the locals or most adventurous travellers know about. And one of the most scenic gems is Butterfly Beach. The beach is a small stretch and is totally unexplored by tourists. The setting of the beach is such that you cannot directly drive here. It is in the form of a small cove surrounded by a thick forest on one side and the open sea on the other. It is called so because of the two Butterfly wings-shaped hills as a backdrop. It’s almost like a private beach when no one else is there.

As the name suggests, Butterfly beach is the abode of numerous beautiful butterflies. But what the name doesn’t tell us is that during low tides, when the seashore widens, the beach is littered with crabs and goldfishes. Sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and even redfish are common sights here.

How to Reach?

As mentioned above, unlike most places in Goa you cannot drive here on your scooters. You have 2 options:

Rent a boat from Agonda or Palolem beach. The boat ride is beautiful and you can also spot dolphins on the way. It will cost you around 1000-1200 Rs.

If you want to take a more adventurous route, you can trek to it through the lush jungles surrounding it. The 2 hour trek starts from Palolem/Agonda and will take you through tiny brooks, lush fields and steep climbs. Make sure you apply a lot of sunscreen and carry water on the trek.

butterfly beach
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Best Time to Visit

The months from November till March are the best to visit this pretty beach. Avoid going here during monsoons as there is usually heavy rainfall and boats are not available.

Things to do:

  1. Run around with butterflies and admire the sea life.
  2. Spot dolphins
  3. Grab a quiet place for yourself and enjoy the sunset
  4. Dance to Kaho Na Pyar Hai (come on I can’t be the only one who sees a secluded beach and goes “Dil Meraaaaa”)
  5. Click many many pictures

Where to Stay

You won’t find any hotels on the beach, but you can find many options in Agonda and Palolem. Both beaches are close by. Try one of the beach huts there.

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