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How to Reach Bunbuni

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I am sure everyone knows about the most famous Kheerganga Trek. However, Bunbuni Pass Trek is a small detour in the same area that not everyone knows about.

Bunbuni is a small glacier and pass on way to Kheerganga. You walk into the oak forest, secluded from any signs of civilization, and suddenly the forest opens to stunning view of snow-capped mountains. The trek starts from Barshaini or Kalga Village which is in Kullu.


Take any bus on the Delhi – Chandigarh – Manali route, and get down at Kasol. From Kasol, you’ll get a local bus for Barshaini, which is the nearest local bus stop to your destination Kheerganga. Alternatively, you can also hire a taxi from Kasol to reach Barshaini directly.

Barshaini or Kalga are the base camps for this trek. You can immediately start your trek after reaching Barshaini if you want, or you can stay at Kalga for a night and start your trek the next day. From the bridge at Barshaini, go right and hike up to Kalga village. This route passing through dense forests is slightly longer but offers easy climb and is suited for beginners and occasional trekkers.

From Kalga, you can climb up to Bunbuni, then go down to Kheerganga if you want. You can also do it the other way round. From Kalga to Bunbuni is around 8 – 9 km steep trek and takes around 6 hours to reach. From Bunbuni to Kheerganga is another 5 km and takes 2 – 3 hours going down.


Chandigarh and Delhi are the biggest airports of all and once you get there, you can either catch a bus for Kasol or Bhuntar.

Second choice would be the Bhuntar Airport, which is 32 km from Kasol. Once you land here, you can board a taxi from the airport.

Since the flights are way more expensive for Bhuntar Airport, it is advisable to catch a flight to Chandigarh or Delhi and then start your journey from there.


The railhead is Joginder Nagar which at a distance of 140 km from Kasol and 160 km from Barshaini.

Chandigarh Railway Station (CDG) is also the nearest major railway station, which is 280 km away.

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