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How To Reach Barot Valley

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A lesser known name yet just as pretty, that’s when you know you’ve been welcomed into Barot Valley! Often overshadowed in the presence of it’s sister town, Bir Billing, Barot is a hamlet in Himachal that pleases you with the freshness of its green stretches, the magnitude of its magical river flowing in between and the quiet charm with which it lets you sink into the arms of nature. Planning to explore this offbeat jewel in Himachal? Let us tell you how to get there!

Nearest Airports: Gaggal Airport or Kangra Airport (also referred by many as the Dharamshala airport on account of it being only 12 kms from the hill station) is the nearest airport, however, it isn’t connected to a lot of other major cities airports so you may not always find a direct flight here and may have to opt for connecting flights. The other options are of two major city airports, Chandigarh and Delhi which will allow you to get a direct flight from most parts of the country and then connect via road to Bir Billing.

Road Distance And Travel Time:

Gaggal Airport – 114 kms, 5 hours

Chandigarh Airport – 265 kms, 9 hours

Delhi Airport – 509 kms, 13 hours

Barot Village
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Best Time To Visit: March to May, September to November

Places Of Interest: 

  • Rajgundha Valley – Now if trekking has your interest head over to Rajgundha. The trek has you passing through rickety bridges, catching glimpses of a bustling river, befriending a few local villages and making camp at a mountain valley at night.
  • Trout fishing – is a major activity in the valley, so, head over to witness it for yourself?
  • Riverside – the best thing to do in Barot is to just sit by the water, hear its calm sounds and gaze away into the depths of the valley because sometimes the best thing to do is to not to much at all, right? 🙂
Bir Billing Barot Group Trips
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How To Reach:


Depending on whether you’re more comfortable with longer road travel and lesser time spent on connecting flights or the other way around, you can opt for flights between Gaggal Airport, Chandigarh Airport and Delhi Airport. Costs from different regions will also play a factor into booking these flights. So, amongst these options you can simply choose one of your convenience.


Kathgodam at 58 kms of distance is one of the nearer railway stations to Barot after it’s narrow gauge station companions, but it isn’t the best connected to other parts of the country. So, if you’re planning to take a train your best bet is to take one till Pathankot which is 113 kms away. From there you can travel by bus to reach Bir Billing and then travel by road till Barot Valley. If you cannot find a bus till Bir, take one till Mandi and from there change to one for Bir and thereafter till Barot.


You can find volvo buses to Bir Billing from Chandigarh and Delhi. When you cannot find a direct bus to Bir take one till Mandi and then switch from there till Bir. You mostly cannot find direct volvo buses till Barot but may find local ones. After you have reached Bir travel by sharing taxi or private taxi to reach Barot.

We’re headed to the charming Barot Valley this April, drop us a message if you’d like to come along to sit by the riverside with wonder and converse together. 🙂

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