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How To Reach Auli

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When someone brings up the name Auli, I am flooded with some of the best snowy memories! Today, Auli is famous for being a premier skiing destination which is frequented by Indians and foreigners alike to quench their thirst for snow sports. If you’re looking to learn skiing or snowboarding in India then Auli is surely one of the seasoned picks. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to make a short visit to spend time with the mountains, Auli will leave you smiling for sure. In this article we’ll tell you how to make your way to this snowy land!

Nearest Airports: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

Road Distance And Travel Time: 180 kms, 8 hours

Best Time To Visit: December to March. If you’re headed here in search of snow make sure to monitor the weather forecast of that particular year, connect with locals and then book your specific dates within these months. Typically, you can expect snow sprawled over the region in this period.

Auli group trips

Places/Activities Of Interest:

  • Skiing – This is surely not a surprise! After the description of this region how could you not try out your hand at skiing? And, don’t you worry, it isn’t necessary that you take a long week long course if you are limited for time. You can simply take an introductory session and try your hand at beginner level skiing. Slipping, sliding and eventually making your way, this activity sure makes for a fun day!
  • Gurso Bugyal Trek – This is easily one of my favourite treks and the best part is that it sees hardly any crowd. It starts off from the same point till which the cable car takes you and then makes for a short and easy 3-4 kms long trek. You will pass through forest regions and then reach the top to be surrounded with a stunning panoramic view of snowy mountains all around you!
  • Tubing – This is yet another activity arranged in the area which involves your dipping into a large tube and then sliding down a mound of snow! But make sure to observe them for a while and then go for this activity so that you’re sure about how they’re conducting the activity.
  • Narasimha Temple – For the religiously inclined visitors this temple is a highly revered one, so, make a visit if you wish to pay your respects. 🙂

Auli itinerary

How To Reach:


Dehradun airport is the best pick if you’re planning on flying down and then starting your road journey to Auli. I suggest not to fly down to Delhi and then travel by road because while that is an option that adds a lot of road travel time to a trip that is already packed with considerable commute. Starting from Dehradun lessens the time, making it more comfortable for you.


Haridwar Railway Station located at a distance of 236 kms is the nearest option if you’re looking to travel by train. The journey time from there to Auli is approximately 9 – 10 hours.


Rishikesh or Dehradun are the better connected cities that help you connect to roadways that lead you to Auli.

How to reach Auli

Auli is a delight for any mountain lover, so, if you’re looking to soak in the mountain air, head over to Auli!

We organize trips to Auli every winter. Get in touch if you’d like to join us sometime. 🙂

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