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How To Pack For A Trek

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If the mountains are calling and you must go, then so must your jacket! Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? And, yet I see a number of people turning up with sweatshirts. My dear fernweh driven folks, a sweatshirt won’t do the job of a jacket. Unexpected rainfall, snowfall and well, pretty much any weather change can occur faster than a new trending meme! While a sweatshirt may keep you cozy and warm, if the weather changes it’s not going to the job.

Watch this fun yet informative reel by Trip Leader Niyati Saxena (@migrantmusings) to get an idea of what you need for your next trek https://www.instagram.com/reel/CTZ5_oXleUa/?utm_medium=copy_link

Whether you need a down jacket or a padded one, a windcheater or ultra layered one, these are decisions to be taken by factoring in the weather of wherever you’re headed. However, always make sure to get something that is waterproof (yes, jackets unlike shoes can actually be waterproof!) so that no matter what the Weather Goddess throws your way, your heart remains warm enough to muster up some love for her. I’d also like to add that if you’re trekking anywhere in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand, then irrespective of the month make sure to carry a jacket with you. Even in the scorching heat just pull a Shah Rukh Khan and tie it around your waist, no one’s judging you! Or if they are, they’ll know better when you’re enjoying the starlit night without shivering and going, “Brrr”.

Other essentials:

– raincoat

– cap

– gloves

– sunglasses

And, lots more need to be decided looking at the specific trek you’re headed to.

Do I Actually Need All This?

A lot of avid trekkers take on their adventures without a number of these things and that’s fine too. However, if in your past treks you’ve felt a little uncomfortable then try these, if you’re someone who feels more at ease by being well-prepared, then take these things along. To whomsoever the travel bug has bitten, these items are not a one off purchase but an investment in a wanderer’s dreams.

Make yourself as comfortable as you can so that your heart and soul can spend their time laughing into the depths of the valley, having those conversations that tug at something within you around bonfires, gazing upon the artistry that had beckoned you and surrender to the experience.

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