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Honeymoon destinations in Europe

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We have grown up watching Bollywood movies. From Raj and Simran in DDLJ to Ved and Tara in Tamasha, they have one thing in common. Their romance in Europe! With pretty cobblestone lanes, picturesque landscapes and medieval architecture, Europe has always attracted the newlyweds. Here are our top picks:

Kotor, Montenegro

Source: https://sumfinity.com/

Here is how Lonely Planet described Kotor. ‘Gorgeous, breathtaking, majestic, divine; however hefty your dictionary, the brain-blowing beauty of the Bay of Kotor will leave you struggling for superlatives. Flanked and surrounded by commanding cliffs and sparkling straits, the cobalt cove even manages to defy geographic description: is it a fjord? A submerged canyon? It seems there’s only one way to define Kotor: unmissable.’

The moment you step into the entrance of the bay Street, you will gasp with wonder and bring out the cameras. The first view of Kotor Bay is simply breath taking.

Go for a delightful boat tour of Perast and Our Lady of the Rock.

Just sharing some pics , instead of using words to share what you are going to see. Your heart will be so happy you will be jumping and singing the whole way.

best places in kotor
Source: https://www.viator.com/
things to do in kotor
Source: https://franks-travelbox.com/

One morning, you can put on your shoes and trek to the castle. It sits above the town and looks over the splendid bay. The views from here are heavenly especially at sunrise. Perched high on the castle walls, seeing the sky change colour, the seagulls fly over the water, the early boats set out to fish, and the whole bay blow up into a fusion of colours. Sounds romantic right?

You can also go for the city tour. Visit the beautiful Lovcen National Park. The car takes you through many a hairpin bend up the mountains and once up there, the breeze is terrific, threatening to blow you off from the ground. One more reason to hold your partner tightly 😉 There is a series of 461 steps leading up to Njegos mausoleum and you must go up!

Head towards Crnojevic river. The greenery, the birds, the mountains make this spot a visual delight. Take a stroll at night, sampling different cuisines and admiring the beauty of this pretty town with your loved one.

Santorini, Greece

Source: https://www.kimkim.com/

The beautiful island of Santorini attracts many people, honeymooners topping that list. With its iconic blue-domed churches, whitewashed villages, and dramatic coastline, a honeymoon in Santorini is an obvious choice for couples looking to pair luxurious romance with a touch of adventure.

The island is small but has a lot of exciting things to do and places to visit. Santorini is famous for the spectacular sunsets, and you should definitely watch it at Oia. Most of the pictures that you see of Santorini are taken in Oia. With the backdrop of gorgeous white buildings, the dramatic sunset is truly magnificent setting against the sea. Grab a spot and open a bottle of wine to celebrate your love as the sun goes down.

best places in greece
Source: https://www.strogilisantorini.com/

Instead of driving to Oia, you can also hike there from the village of Fira. The 10km hike from Fira to Oia takes about 4 hours and features a scenic walk by the cliff, with gorgeous views of shining blue ocean waters. This is a perfect opportunity to talk, bond and of course click many many pictures.

Hey there water babies, you can swim in the crystal clear water at Amoudi Bay. You can also try your hand at cliff jumping here. Time to show off your adventurous side to bae!

amoudi bay
Source: http://therunwayjournal.com/

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

cesky krumlov
Source: https://www.amazingczechia.com/

Do you want to get back in time with your favourite person? Away from the modern world is the fairy little town of Cesky Krumlov. The moment you enter, you feel as if you have stepped back in time, and are in a medieval era.

Visit the famous castle, and go to the top of the tower. The views are magnificent from there.

Walk by the river and click some beautiful pictures by the bridge. I suggest you take a kayak and boat in the river. It’s a gentle river, does not require you to be a pro at kayaking. You can circle around the town, in the river, in less than twenty minutes. Enjoy your time in the boat, take in the surrounding, look up to the imposing walls of the castle, go under the bridge, and sing some of your favourite songs.

things to do in crsky krumlov
Source: https://www.trover.com/

At night, go on a walking tour of the Mysterious stories of the town!  Hear a lot of stories about this old town on this tour. Do try some authentic Czech drink in a cosy little pub tucked away in corner.

Flam, Norway

flam, norway
Source: https://thedailyadventuresofme.com/

The sleepy town of Flam offers a good opportunity to chill out and unwind away from the hectic pace of our everyday life, especially after a big fat Indian wedding. Built at the inner end of the Aurlands Fjord, this tiny little village wrapped in snow capped mountains and laced with teenie-weenie farmhouses looks like a magical place. You will feel that you have entered a Disney movie, and I am pleased to tell you that you are right. The region was the inspiration behind the kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen.  Do you want to build a snowman?

The journey to get there is just as magical. The Flam train line, connecting Myrdal to Flam, is supposed to be one of the most scenic train routes in the whole world. In 2014 the route was named by Lonely Planet as the most beautiful train ride in the world. In the beginning of the route, the train runs through a snowy forest, dotted with red and yellow wooden houses and then passes by the Reinungvatnet mountain lake. But the most spectacular moment comes as the train reaches Kjosfossen waterfall. According to Scandinavian fokelore, it’s home to mythical creatures called the Huldra who lure men into the forests. You can see a Huldra dancing in the middle of the waterfall to a folk song with haunting music. This is brilliant strategy by Norway tourism which works every time as the people look in awe and the beautiful woman dances away. Girls, time to keep the boy close. Kahin bhag na jaye 😉

things to do in flam
Source: https://www.ontheluce.com/

You have many options to explore the small town. You can book a Fjord Safari where apart from marveling the beauty around you, you will also get to know a pretty detailed history of the region. You can also choose to rent bicycles and cycle around the town, stopping at beautiful corners living the slow paced life.

You should visit the village of Undredal. Just ten minutes up the road from Flåm, it is so stinking cute! It is much smaller than Flåm and nestled right into a nook at the bend in the fjord.

Source: https://handluggageonly.co.uk/

Hallstatt, Austria

hallstatt austria
Source: https://www.civitatis.com/

Hallstatt is arguably one of the prettiest alpine villages you will ever see!

A little gem tucked under the mountains, it is a lakeside village that looks straight out of a fairytale or a story book.  The sixteenth century houses alongside the lake and alleyways, cute cafes and shops make you smile from ear to ear and your heart sing!

Go for the salt mine tour here. A funicular will take you to the top of the mountain from where the salt mine tour starts. I don’t want to disclose the full details of the tour, as it’s a lot of fun, and you will enjoy it thoroughly in the moment, but let me just share that you will be going down slides in tunnels at 30 kms/hr, you will be seeing the oldest wooden staircase in all of Europe, there is a “train evacuation” ride at the end. And best of all, the guides are funny and witty! Oh and this is the oldest salt mine in the entire world.

You should also visit the world heritage skywalk, nearby, and from here you get fantastic views of the whole alpine village.

things to do in hallstatt
Source: Pinterest

Exploring the old town is the best thing to do in Hallstatt. With streets that look like they are lined with colorful gingerbread houses and a gorgeous setting on Hallstatter See, it’s hard to believe that this place is real. Hallstatt is a postcard town, and you will remember it a long time even after your holiday is over!

hallstatt old town
Source: http://www.intrepid-introvert.com/

Click here to read about the best cafes in Hallstatt!

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