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This Guy’s On His Own Trip review: Trip Leader Neeraj Narayanan!

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Bhavna Bahl travelled to Bali with our Captain Nero and was really nervous about coming solo. When the trip ended, she said this about Neeraj:

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Here is to the guy on his own trip Neeraj Narayanan..
I was very nervous at the start, how will I manage a solo trip and estranged with everyone but your easy going style and happy go lucky nature, makes everyone around so comfortable with you. Your dimple no doubt is very charming. Leaving the dimple talks here, the most important bit starts: These SEVEN days taught me to live, live a new life, made me stronger and will stay in my memories for life. Starting from Gili, as this was one of my favourite.. The cruise ride, scuba, cycle rides, sunrise, listening to songs and sometimes just staying silent..
The sound of the waves and the splendid waterfall, and too add, all of you. Couldn’t ask for more.
You taught me that for real that nothing is impossible and to tread on your own path is the best way in life.
This guy on his own trip gave the best memories ❤
The splitsvilla night, which made the bond even more stronger..
You three were not less than a miracle. I feel blessed to have known you three and I hope this stays forever.
Bali(Gili) definitely gave the best moments of my life, wish I could re-live those!
The best thing about you that is the warmth of taking everyone along and making sure that no one feels left out. Adapting yourself to everyone and narrating the stories. Oh how I love them. Your observation on point, you are AWESOME.
Love you daddy for the memories and the trio that I got and for the solo trip that turned into leaving strong friendships..

Also, ab toh mein 20 pe hoon yaar!!

P.S. I am ready for Greece #bootcamp2 #thisguysonhisowntrip

THANK YOU for the nth time. Stay blessed!

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