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Grand Canyon’s Gorgeous Havasu Waterfalls

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If you’ve ever considered taking a trip to the United States of America, I’m sure you would have thought of some way to make it to the Grand Canyon. This waterfall is located in the Havasu Creek which is a part of the Grand Canyon. So, one your way to the major American attraction, make sure to make these waterfalls a part of your itinerary.

United States of America
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Havasu Waterfalls
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Unlike the path taken by regular tourists, the way to Havasu is taken by adventurers and thrill-seekers. The hike is for nearly 10 miles long and takes about 5-7 hours to complete. Its attraction lies in the fact that the terrain is still unlike what one may get to see in most other hikes, after all it is none other than the Grand Canyon! At the end of the hike you are treated with the reward of just how scenic your destination is. The only other alternatives are to reach with a horseback ride or if you’re feeling fancy during the vacation, a helicopter!

Hrand Canyon
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And just what would a visit to waterfalls be without swimming in them, right? So, go ahead, jump in and have the time of your life in those deliciously blue waters!

Havasu Waterfalls, Grand Canyon
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The area respects and obliges to the Havasu tribe in the area. Thus, all visitors have to give their consent to be under the tribe’s civil adjudicatory and regulatory jurisdiction. This is intrinsic for garnering permission for visitation. The Havasu Baaja or the tribal folk have been the inhabitants of the Grand Canyon since time immemorial. They take pride in being the protectors of the Grand Canyon and its surrounding environment. In 1919 when the National Park was established, the tribe was restricted to 518 acres of land. Their name is aptly given to them as the word Havasupai itself stands for “the people of the blue green water” on account of their stunning roots from which they hail. They have continued to practice their cultural way of life and are today well known for their agricultural practices, peach orchards and most interestingly, their hunting skills too!

You can even stay overnight at the Supai campground, between Mooney and Havasu Falls. Because camping not only adds an element of nature, but also allows you to be closer to nature than a regular visit. You can take in your beautiful surroundings the entire day, sit with a cup of coffee and some music and have a wondrous night staring at the landscape and the starlight sky. But this experience is a much coveted one. In fact, just last year in 2019, the tickets for camping in March got sold out within 30 minutes of them becoming available in February! Be sure to book yours just in time. A lot of visitors even camp out for a couple of days instead of just an overnight stay and the pictures I’m sure give you enough reasons why. Campers even carry hammocks and lay stretched out next to the falls, ah what a vacation that would be, right?

These beautiful waterfalls leave visitors raving about them. So, if you were planning to go see the oh so famous Grand Canyon, pair yourself a good pair of sturdy shoes because the hike to these waterfalls is certainly something that you wouldn’t want to miss!

The Havasu Baaja
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