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Getting the World’s Most Inspiring People on On His Own Trip!

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Very happy to say that this Sunday I am speaking to Angela Maxwell on Insta Live.

What does she do? She walks across the world. In five years, Angela has walked over 20,000 miles across 13 countries. She isn’t looking to break any records or achieve any milestones.

A few months after she started her journey, she was walking through Mongolia. One evening she set camp, and was watching the sunset, when a nomad entered her tent. That night was the longest night of her life. As she sat later, in a ravine, contemplating about the horror that had happened, thinking a million thoughts about what she could have probably done differently to avoid it all, there were two choices she had –

1) to leave everything and go back home

2) to keep walking.

An hour later, she started walking through the desert again. She didn’t let the incident crush herself or her wishes. I can’t even say how much I admire this woman.

Angela Maxwell

She carries everything that is needed for her journeys – tent, cooking vessels, lives on less than 5$ a day, camps in the open on most days, makes her own fire and food. If she wishes, she stops for days in a place she likes, helps the locals and immerses herself with them. In her own words,

“Traveling the world at the slowest speed possible means I can understand the tortoise while sometimes envying the rabbit (particularly in the midst of a blizzard). I’ve learned to go where my heart takes me. I am in it for the love of adventure and exploration, both of physical landscapes and of the heart.” Beautiful lines.

I have been trying to get her for a session for a month now. Till last week, she was in the Caribbean helping someone build a homestay, in exchange for shelter and food.

Can’t wait to talk to her. This Sunday, 10 pm, @onhisowntrip Insta handle.

Like I said before, these Covid times, we are on a journey to help more people learn more, feel more, talk about anything, and inspire them through the stories of other beautiful people.

Over the past few weeks, some of the people we invited to speak were

1) Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru – she is on a mission to complete the seven summits, the highest of each continent, and having already climbed four of them she is on her way to become the youngest Indian to do so! It’s a story of a father who was battling with cancer but fought against all odds to make his daughter achieve her dreams

2) Vedangi Kulkarni – Youngest woman to have circumnavigated the globe on bicycle. It’s a story of a girl trusting the world, camping in the open, spending nights sleeping in any shelter she could find, even toilets, and cycling 200-300 kms every day in her journey!

Vedangi Kulkarni

3) Archana Sardana – the only Indian woman, and one out of only four Indians to do base jumping – arguably the most dangerous sport in the world! She has also done 300 sky dives, 300 scuba dives, and in our session, advocated “one life, do all that you can, live your dreams” in the most non chalant, casual and yet thought provoking manner!

4) Ravi Roth – Ravi is a happy 35 year old boy (man?) living in New York. He is also proudly gay and has a youtube channel where he shares his travel stories and vlogs of a gay boy travelling around the world. Throughout the session, we were infected by his happiness and just couldn’t stop smiling as he recounted tales after tales!

Ravi Roth

5) Parvinder Chawla – We were blown by this fifty year old’s enthusiasm and positivity. She may be bound to a wheel chair, but her dreams are absolutely unbounded, spirited and beautiful. She has been to 59 countries across six continents solo, all while being on a wheelchair, and it was a delight listening to her regale us of stories about how helpful, friendly and trustworthy everyone she met was!

6) Bhakti Sharma – She is the youngest woman in the world to set a record in opening swimming waters in Antarctica! She swam 2.3 kms in almost freezing waters ( 1 degree C). Bhakti has swum in all five oceans, besides other seas and channels. In 2010, she was awarded the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award.

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