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Five Tasty Dishes You Must Try in your Sri Lanka Holiday

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Sri Lankan cuisine is very similar to that of Indian as they also use a lot of spices to prepare their food and they love their curries too. But once you are there, you will find that the food still tastes different because of the preparation method. Here, we have listed 5 dishes you must try in this island country.

Kottu: If you ever experience hunger pangs while travelling in Sri Lanka, look around and you will find Kottu somewhere. Kottu, also known as Sri Lanka’s hamburger is everybody’s go-to fast food. It is prepared from roti(flat bread) which is finely chopped and fried, and then vegetables and spices are added to it. You can also add chicken or egg in it. Cheese kottu is our personal favourite.


Fish Ambul Thiyal (sour fish curry): Sri Lankans love their sea food and this fish curry is one of the favourites. This is a dry fish curry where the fish is first cut into cubes, then sautéed in a blend of spices and cooked with a small amount of water until the liquid reduces. Usually served with rice, the curry is a little sour and spicy.

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Lamprais: Rice, meat,vegetables and sambal chili sauce are wrapped together in a banana leaf and steamed. This is Sri Lankan version of “Meal in a box”. The dish was brought into the country by Dutch Burgher community, and is prepared with clove and cinnamon to recreate the flavour favoured by them.

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Hoppers: Start your day with the famous Sri Lankan hoppers. Hoppers are very similar to appams. Shaped like a bowl, they are prepared from fermented rice flour, coconut milk & coconut water. You can customize these hoppers according to you as they can be filled with egg, chocolate or cheese. Egg hoppers are usually eaten for breakfast.

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Then there are string hoppers which are noodle like strands, served with curries.

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Polos (Jackfruit curry): People usually complain that there are not enough vegetarian options in Sri Lankan cuisine. While we agree that the cuisine gravitates towards meat, you will find unique and tasty vegetarian curries as well. Polos is prepared with young green jackfruit, which is sliced into small pieces and cooked with onion, garlic, ginger and roasted spices. Coconut milk is added to the mix giving a lovely flavour to it.

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