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Five Stunning Locations Where James Bond Movies Were Shot

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The name is Bond, James Bond; and the locations are beautiful, breath-takingly beautiful!

The super savvy and suave spy and his antics are known for the sleek techy toys he uses, the gripping action that unfolds on screen, the encounters he has with the gorgeous women he meets and of course, our favourite, the beautiful locations! I once read a quote that said, “My life goal is to travel so well that I can name the locations in movies even before they mention it” and I agree! To begin with, here are 5 stunning locations where James Bond movies were shot:


Author, journalist and former Naval intelligence officer, Ian Fleming is the mind that brought an iconic character like James Bond into inception. He was in search of a winter home to pen his novels and Bond’s adventures and that was when his friend told him about Jamaica in the 50s. Therefore, when Bond’s first movie Dr. No was to be made in 1962, the moviemakers made their way to Jamaica and the country came to feature in Bond movies not once but twice, the second being in Live and Let Die (1973). In fact, the Bond brand loves the location so much that Jamaica is set to make its third appearance in the franchise films in 2020’s No Time to Die.


Source: https://terminalaviation.com/visa/egypt-visa-processing-fee-bdt-3990/

Ancient pyramids, monuments and the Sphinx, of course, Egypt is ever so appealing! With its rich history it remains an attraction to tourists even today. The bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) starring Barbara Bach and Robert Moore was shot in Egypt. In fact, the movie was lavishly spread out Egypt and covered Cairo, Luxor, Giza and lastly, Aswan. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are even on the movie poster!


Museums, mosques, ruins of ancient structures, cruising in the Caribbean and in recent years, the gaining popularity of the hot air balloon festival, has made Turkey a popular attraction amongst tourists. Another prey of its charm was James Bond or rather the character’s movie makes, who made way to Turkey not once but twice in the movies, From Russia With Love (1963), The World Is Not Enough (1999) and in one of the latest instalments from the makers, Skyfall (2012).  

You know, in my opinion Bond is a pretty lucky man! I mean, yes yes I can see how cool he is on screen, but he got to go to Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Maiden’s Tower and even the lustrous Grand Bazaar that is home to rarely found fabrics, thus, I consider him pretty lucky!


Source: https://tc-shipping.com.vn/?p=1028

With its traditional arts and culture, Japan is a beautiful location that I’m sure a lot of us are dying to visit (I’m sure someone’s thinking about cherry blossoms!). And yet Bond, the man himself, was always ahead of time and made his way to Japan before the global community caught wind of its attraction. The movie You Only Live Twice was shot there, way back in 1967. And yet Bond’s own bandwagon regards Japan as one of the most exotic locations visited during the films. In the movie you can catch glimpses of Nagasaki’s Battleship Island (locally called Gunkanjima), the world famous Japanese National Sumo Stadium Ryogoku Kokugikan, Himeji-jo Castle and the fast-paced land of Tokyo.


Source: https://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions/bahamas-bah.htm

With its pristine white sand beaches and unbelievably blue waters, Bahamas have for decades been a popular vacation spot. Luxury and laidback beaches, this is the destination so many pick for their perfect beach holiday. And thus, even James Bond ended up there. Not on vacation because well, he’s a busy man! But to recover NATO’s atomic bombs from the prying hands of terrorists (Thunderball, 1965), to retrieve cruise missiles from a rogue agent (Never Say Never Again, 1983) and then again from preventing a mob banker from winning an extremely high stakes game (Casino Royale, 2006).

The Palmyra villa, One & Only Ocean Club, beautiful beaches and plus properties were the sites showcased in the cult flicks. I wonder if post mission Bond ever sat back to take a dip in the beach water and rendezvous? 😉

Make your travel plans, who knows what thrills and adventures come your way as you visit these picturesque places, so, go vacation the authentically Bond way, live a little!

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