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Five places to see in Rajasthan

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Forts and folklore, palaces and regal remnants, where in India could one possibly be, but Rajasthan? Rajasthan is rich in its heritage and culture. But most of all Rajasthan is a traveller’s dream for the hospitality you receive in this state. From the “khamagini” to the gentle bowing of heads, the politeness and warmth is incomparable, thus, it is rich even in its hospitality.


If you’re a little dreamy eyed like me, if you enjoy yourself a little tryst with history and if you crave to be transported into another era, then Udaipur is the city for you. A boat ride in Lake Pichola which is out of a romance novel, a cup of coffee at the Royal Jag Mandir Palace and if you don’t mind the drive then a visit to Kumbalgarh too are what you ought to do in Udaipur. But of course, the City Palace comes first and foremost. As do the strolls by the water in the “City of Lakes” as it is crowned. For the history buffs, the fort has guides waiting to tell you every little story and more interestingly even has a Crystal Museum. An ancestor of the royal family had ordered a shipment of crystal goods from Portuguese which were unfortunately only discovered hundreds of years after his death. And end each night in the best way, at a roof top café that gazes below at the lit-up structures and the lake.

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Jawai is a small village named after the nearby dam. The dam was ordered to be built by the head of the Jodhpur royal family, Maharaja Umaid Singh. The embankment located destination offers a view of the river with rocky hills in their backdrop, making it a charming cosy little place. The rustic little village has actually become a premier holiday spot for those who enjoy lusciously taking in the luxe life. Surprised? Ah well, Jaawai has another attraction in store! Sanctuaries for leopards, crocodiles and birds. Wildlife lovers thus flock to this destination for sighting the exotic creatures without the throngs of crowds. And if a laidback luxury vacation intrigues you then you’re in for a treat because you can find premier properties catering for an outdoorsy and quiet escape, like the one shown in the above picture.

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Bundi has often been referred to as the hidden gem of Rajasthan. It offers a vast stretch of ancient structures similar to its sister cities but does not see the same footfall as them. Exploring the Taragarh Fort and Garh Palace is the highlight in Bundi as one immerses themselves into the heritage while the trademark “Padharo Maare Desh” of Rajasthan can heard somewhere in the background. The 1607 established structure houses stories within its crumbling ruins, so, hop on and visit while you still can. Meanwhile, the outreach of Airbnb has led to some cute and cosy homestay options being made available even in this location not so frequently picked out on the map.

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In the last half decade or so Pushkar has become the calling of one too many hippies and backpackers who can be seen coming down to pay a visit from all over the world! Well, of course Pushkar too like its neighbours has marvellous structures creeping out on its grounds. But in addition, the city has glorified its culture and made it a carnival! The Pushkar Camel Festival is very popular. With the onslaught of tourists, they pounced at the opportunity to set off another festival around….hot air balloons! Yes, so as long as Cappadocia is far, Pushkar back home will do the needful for you in the interim, my friend. And of course, the prettily perched lake is a treat where the aarti can be witnessed that leaves one wondering.

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For my dearies who are always yearning for something that gives them the chance to go a little off the beaten path, there’s Khimsar! Not often heard of, this is a hamlet located at the edge of the Great Thar Desert. Its uniqueness in how there is a small oasis amidst it all. Yes, in between the desert! So, with the sand that glistens like the Sun and a small pool of water emerging from within its golden folds, wouldn’t you want to pay a visit too? Even more interesting is how it presents one with the chance of staying in traditional mud huts overlooking this very view!

Source: https://www.airtheworld.com/trip-in-pushkar-rajasthan/

Visit Rajasthan for the aura it creates, for living in the air of another era for just a few days.

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