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Five places to see in Mizoram

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The North Eastern states have started gaining popularity among the travelers. And even though Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland and Arunanchal Pradesh are making their way in people’s bucket list, Mizoram is not a place one often thinks about when planning their travel. This lesser known state has lush green forests, stunning waterfalls and picturesque villages. Here are our favourite places in Mizoram:


Start your fabulous trip by visiting the capital city. This beautiful city is situated on steep hills.  You can hike up to the nearby hills and get a panoramic image of the entire city.

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Head to Solomon’s Temple which is Mizoram’s largest church. The architecture of the church is inspired from Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem. The white marble square with towering facades looks beautiful with the hills giving the perfect backdrop.

If you get a chance, attend the vibrant Mizoram festivals. Thalfavang Kut is the festival which is celebrated in the month of November to mark the onset of harvest. Chapchar Kut festival is celebrated during March after they are done with jungle clearing. These festivals give you a chance to get up close and personal with the various traditions, rituals and art forms of Mizoram.


Lunglei, the second largest city of Mizoram offers you the most unadulterated and raw version of Nature’s beauty. Its unexplored forests and lush green lands will keep you mesmerized. Lunglei literally meaning ‘bridge of rock’ got its name from a bridge like rock found near the Nghasih stream. The view from here is spectacular and you can spend hours admiring the rushing river flowing by with the green hills in the background.

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You should also visit Saza Wildlife Sanctuary which is a true paradise. You will find exotic plants and might get glimpses of rare animals and birds. Other than that you can spend your time hiking and camping in the high meadows of Lunglei.


Thenzawal is a beautiful hill town in the middle of Mizoram. The main attraction here is the Vantawng waterfall and people flock from all directions to have a look at its might and beauty. It is the highest waterfall in the state and the 13th highest in the country.

Source: https://serchhip.nic.in/

The fall is located in Vanva River near Thenzawl and is surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain. Watching the waterfall gushing from a height between the valleys and the dense jungles is a sight to behold. It seems like a river of white milk from distance.


Phawngpui is a colurful village in Mizoram which is home to Phawngpui peak, the highest peak in the state. Phawngpui Peak is considered to be the abode of the goddess of the Mizo tribe and is worshiped by the people. Trekking to summit of Phawngpui is quite popular amongst travelers and adventure seekers.

Also known as the Blue Mountain, Phawngpui  peak is located in the Phawngpui National Park. This place is also home to a lot of wild animals like leopards and tigers. It is the best place to go bird watching. You can spot  Falcon, Sunbirds, Dark rumped swift, Mountain bamboo partridge, Oriental pied hornbill, Larks, and Pipits. The panoramic views of the lush green hillocks spread across the region of Phawngpui and the bamboo groves enriched surroundings are must witness during your trip to Mizoram.


A beautiful border town in Mizoram, Champhai will keep you entertained with its picturesque surroundings and rich culture. Walk through the paddy fields which look beautiful at the backdrop of small hillocks. The place is also known for its winery. If interested, you can see the process of wine-making in one of the factories. Otherwise, grab a bottle and enjoy sipping your wine with the setting sun.

Phawngpui Champhai
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The major attraction here is the beautiful heart shaped lake. Rih Dil Lake is extremely important to the Mizos. The lake is believed to be the pathway for the dead to reach their final resting place. But the lake is not located in Mizoram. In fact you have to cross the border to Myanmar to see this enchanting lake. The name “Rih Dil” translates to “Heart Lake” in English but here “Rih” is the local word for ‘heart’ and “Dil” is the local word for lake. Well we are not complaining as long as it keeps stealing our heart.

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