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Five places to see in Madhya Pradesh

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A history that has sprawled through traces of architecture from back in the 10th century, a hundred temples to marvel at and also multiple national parks for a taste of exotic wildlife, Madhya Pradesh invites you with a lot to explore in its length and breadth. So, here are some of the places that one ought to visit when in this state!


Mandu or Mandav was once known as the “City of Joy” with its former name of Shadiabad. Jahaz Mahal, Baz Bahadur Mahal, Rewa Kund and Neelkanth Palace all wait for you to walk through their historical remains. Take in the architecture of a forgotten era and find your mind tickled with the tales of these places. For instance, the story of the king Baz Bahadur who couldn’t unite with his lover Rupmati while they were alive. Incidentally, it is said that Rewa Kund, also called Rani Roopmati pavilion was built by the king to ensure she would never run out of water and it also overlooks the Baz Bahadur Mahal. For turning through some pages of this state’s history, head to Mandu.


Once upon a time Orchha was a significant urban centre for almost 300 years. This thus has shown effect on the small town that boasts of Mughal and Rajputana style architecture. There’ s a palace that turned into a temple called the Ram Raja Temple as the god had agreed to come to Orchha with the queen’s devotion towards him on the condition that he wouldn’t move from one place to another, thus, refusing to move to the temple built for him and instead converting the queen’s palace into one. Sawan Badho, a cleverly though of ancient structure of wind catching towers that served as air coolers for the royalty during their summer retreats. Then there’s the Laxmi Narayan temple, Jahangir Mahal, Orchha Fort and of course, the famed Chattris that are symbolic of this city, built in honour of former rulers. To top it all you can even get a little adventurous here as the city has options for river rafting as well!

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From the times of the Mauryas, the Sungas and the much loved Guptas, comes the district of Tikamgarh. If you visit the land that was once called Tehri, head over to the village of Garkhundar with its green forests and ancient ruins. Sunder Mahal also takes you back in time. The town of Tikamgarh is for those whose urge for hearing more history never gets satiated.


While Madhya Pradesh is home to the likes of Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park, that are amongst the stalwart players in the world of wildlife, however, Panna is for the ones looking to explore one that is slightly lesser known. The tiger reserve was on the verge of a complete loss of its tiger population in 2009 but considerable efforts and a tiger reintroduction programme later, today they are home to approximately 54 tigers! The national park was lauded for its efforts and severe regulation of poaching. In addition, there are also the magnificent sloth bear, wolfs, leopards, four horned antelopes and much more species found here.

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Because sometimes all we crave from a vacation is a little peace and quiet. For that Madhya Pradesh opens its doors to the town of Panchmarhi, also known as “Saputara ki Rani”. At 1,067 metres it is the highest town in the state and also falls in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. You will find caves here where the Pandavas are said to have resided! The Rajat Prapat waterfall gushes merrily, the Satpura National Park is inhabited with leopards and bison and the Handi Khoh and multiple other points that are overlooking views of forests which are absolutely beautiful.

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