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Five places to see in Gujarat

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The state of Gujarat is famous for its distinctive culture that displays a vibrance of colours, heritage and even the famous dance form, garba. If you visit the state of Gujarat, here are a few places for you to look out for:

Gir National Park

I’m lucky to come from a family that passionately enjoys jungle safaris. The proximity to animals, seeing them in their natural habitats, hearing their voices in the silence of humans and tracking them out patiently over hours in a safari, its all a thrill in itself! Gir is one of the very best. Hah I’m not saying that merely from personal experience but also from its mentions in one too many articles. It is not only the largest deciduous forest in western India but is said to also be one of the very best places worldwide for spotting the Asiatic Lion. Yes, worldwide! If you’re lucky you’ll be able to glimpse the king of the jungle in his very kingdom. Forest conservation efforts here have been credited to actually bringing an increase in the number of lions living here. Additionally, the national park also has 300 other species residing here! Go say hello. ? I mean from the comfort of your open top jeep with the jungle air blowing your hair, of course!

gir national park
Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/thesundaystandard/2018/oct/07/lions-of-gujarats-gir-national-park-in-danger-1882009.html


Well well, if it isn’t the star of Instagram all the way from Gujarat!  The Rann of Kutch festival has made this destination greatly popular. But don’t let its popularity take away from its beauty. Because simply put that’s what Kutch is, beautiful. It’s a wide expanse of white sand stretching out as far as your eyes can even see. The salt desert to me is a reminder of how small we are in an immensely big world, a spec of sand in a land full of it. When the moon comes out to play at night, the sand seems to throw on some glitter and glistens under its soothing light. The presence of cultural performers and shops only intensifying the glow of this magical destination.

Source: https://www.ttrikon.com/trip/rann-of-kutch-full-moon-tour-via-ahmedabad

Chorwad Beach

Once upon a time the Nawab of Junagarh was out and about when he discovered this tiny small beach town. With its cool climate and waters, the nawab decided to have his summer retreat home built here. Today, Chorwad remains to be a sleepy little fishing village. In the local language its name signifies sinking sand. Parts of the beach do have sand that dips, so, be careful. But for the most part you can let your toes curl in the sand and run into the waters to swim about. A basic beach visit that can leave you smiling with the right kind of company, that’s what you ought to expect from this one.

chorwad beach
Source: https://blog.railyatri.in/5-secret-beach-destinations-in-gujarat/


What is it about green stretches of land that just keeps inviting us in over and over again? Such is the case of Gujarat’s very own hill station, Saputara. Start off by splashing around in Gira Falls. Walk around in the Lake Garden and Waghai Botanical Garden. Explore the Pandava Caves and Hatgadh Fort. And make your evening a serene one by sitting beside the Saputara Lake with that quintessential cup of evening tea. Saputara more than anything is that simple and happy escape. The sorts where you want to drive around with peppy music booming from the speakers, your feet propped outside the window, your face smiling with the wind coming to touch it and to just be.

Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-saputara/


Okay, time for an honest confession! I don’t think I had fathomed just how beautiful Diu is until I befriended someone from there. And was I in for a surprise or what. No, it is not that Diu is extraordinarily beautiful. It is the fact that it is unassuming and simply beautiful just in the way it is. The Fotress of Panikotha stands mightily in the sea itself. The Portuguese Church of St. Paul continues to stand tall here. And most of all its beaches, Nagoa and Ghogla, will have your inner child wanting to forget everything except just soaking around in the water along with its views.

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Source: http://diutourismgov.in/placedetails/placedetail/11

For a simple yet beautiful slice of life, head on over to Gujarat.

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