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Five places to see in Chattisgarh

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Chattisgarh is the powerhouse of steel and the 10th largest state of our country. If you’re visiting the state, here are some of the regional gems for you to check out!

Chitrakote Falls

If you ask anyone in Chattisgarh about which place you must go to, the name Chitrakote Falls is sure to come up! Located at a distance of just 38kms from Jagdalpur is this massive waterfall where the water doesn’t just come tumbling or gushing down, but comes falling while roaring and creating a mist as it does so!  The 95 m high and 305 m wide gorge is a sight to take in, as you make your way there via the nearby tribal hamlets.

chitrakoot falls
Source: https://www.holidayiq.com/blog/chhattisgarh-won-the-bha-for-2017-s-emerging-state-for-tourism-here-s-why-3167.htm


From Raipur you can head on over to Sirpur where archaeological wonders await you. This little town has a plethora of temples and ancient structures such as Rama temple, Lakshman temple, Baleshwar temple, Buddha Vihara and Surang Tila. Walk around these to learn of their dated history as you look at the remnants of the state’s past that still stand tall over here. You can actually explore about 40 monuments in Sirpur! And these go back to a period between the 5th – 12th centuries.

Kanger National Park

For a taste of nature, what better way to get it than observing other magnificent creatures of nature? At Kanger Ghati National Park you can spot chousing, chital, sambhar, chinkara tiger, cheetah and much more! The park is also rich in its flora and you will pass through stretches of green away from the city. In addition, the park also has beautiful waterfalls inside.


Since we cannot get enough of waterfalls, here’s one called Tirathgarh! It is located inside the Kanger Ghati National Park so your one visit would treat you to this too. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the state and the water can be seen falling down below 300 feet!  Popular with tourists, this one has earned itself the name of “Magician of the Kanger Valley”.

Source: http://echhattisgarh.in/tirathgarh-waterfall-jagdalpur

Achnakmr Tiger Reserve

Because if you are exploring wildlife, then why not see the king of the jungle himself? As the name tells you, you are in for seeing some tigers! Yu can even spot wild dogs, leopards, hyenas, etc. and as many as 150 species of birds. Further, as excursion options they have even built nearby adventure trails for you to indulge in a fun activity too. The forest is thickly layered with Sal and bamboo trees running for as far as you can see.

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