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Five Of The Most Beautiful Pink Lakes In The World

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There’s something about nature that you can never stop marvelling over its endless wonders. If you’re painting a scenery with a lake in it, you are quite likely to pick up the blue colour. In fact, even the bluest of lakes leave us so excited, right? Now, imagine a pink lake! In the movie “The Sky is Pink”, Priyanka Chopra’s character’s son paints a pink sky and gets scolded by his teacher. But his mother tells him he can paint the sky in any colour he wants. Well, nature thinks so too, from pink skies to pink lakes, the Earth really has it all.

All these lakes are essentially salt lakes which is how they derive their signature colour on account of the salinity. With the concentration of salt, the conditions are pretty harsh for microbes to grow. The microbes that do manage growing, with adequate sunlight above seawater, also acquire a pink tinge from the pigmentation. Imagine! Here are 5 of the most beautiful pink lakes in the world:

  • Lake Hillier, Australia

The unique thing about this lake, even amongst a list of pink lakes, is the fact that it maintains its colour and shade all year long. In fact, it is stated that the water retains its colour even if you bottle it up! While you cannot visit the lake physically, you can see it from up above in a helicopter ride. And looking that shot from a helicopter I cannot say that’s bad at all, I mean what a view!

Lake Hillier, Australia
Image Credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zabxLItE7I4

Unlike its fellow counterparts on this list, it is yet to be confirmed whether bacteria can be attributed to the shade of this lake. However, the local myth narrates quite the story. They say that in the 17th century, a ship-wreck had a single survivor, a sailor who was washed up to the shore. He was tormented by his excruciating injuries and offered his soul to the devil to release him off his pain. A strange man then came out of the cover of trees, poured blood and milk into the lake, the lake turned pink and he turned to the sailor and beckoned him to take a dip to b relieved of his pain. The sailor, however, was not only left relieved of his pain but also of pain thereafter and of hunger too.

While in today’s time, scientists have confirmed that the lake is not harmful to human beings, the ongoing research prevents visitors. But you see that’s how some precious things are meant to be, to be simply admired, with no tampering or disturbance in between.

  • Lake Retba, Senegal
Lake Retba, Senegal
Image Credits: https://wanderlord.com/amazing-lakes-planet/lake-retba/

Lake Retba, known as Lac Rose, to the locals is separated by just some sand dunes from the Atlantic Sea. The lake’s salinity level is as high as 40% which results in its colour. The lake’s salinity is almost as high as the Dead Sea, in fact, in the dry season it even touches higher! The salt content acts as a magnet to a bacteria called Dunaliela Salina bacteria which on absorbing sunlight secretes a red pigment and la di da, we have ourselves a pink lake miracle. This lake’s shades lessen and darken, with it being the most vibrant self during the dry season from November to June.

  • Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain
Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain
Image Credits: https://www.heartofeverywhere.com/spain-pink-lake-torrevieja/?lang=en

Sitting in Spain’s seaside city Costa Blanca is a natural reserve which is the home to this lake. The bubble-gum pop water body is a sight for the eyes. While its high salt level doesn’t see a lot of vegetation around, the occasional lavender can be spotted if you’re lucky. More commonly spotted are flamingos! Yes, a pink lake and pink flamingos to accompany it, could it get more picturesque?

And let the beauty not take away from the fact that the lake acts as a natural spa. The salinity works wonders for detoxifying the skin and aids the lungs too. The sand here is a natural exfoliant. You’ll be left struck by the beauty and feeling good as new with the magic on your skin. Spa day? Count me in!

Pink Lakes in Spain
Image Credits: https://www.heartofeverywhere.com/spain-pink-lake-torrevieja/?lang=en
  • Lake Natron, Tanzania
Lake Natron, Tanzania
Image Credits: https://www.rd.com/advice/travel/pink-lakes/

As we just spoke of flamingos, if flamingos fascinate you, then you will be further fascinated by the fact that Tanzania’s Lake Natron is actually home to a million flamingos! While the lake’s excessive alkaline levels prevent it from being habitable and render it harsh to animals unadjusted to it, it doesn’t deter the flamingos to perfectly fall in with the pink hue.

The lake’s colour is actually darker, almost like a bloody red shade. Situated in Rift Valley, it is right below an active volcano. The shallow lake is rich with minerals and hot springs. There are many mysteries around the lake and well, some mysteries make half the charm, right?

  • Lake Masazir, Azerbaijan


Lake Masazir, Azerbaijan
Image Credits: https://www.dookinternational.com/blog/pink-lake-baku-red-salt-lake-of-masazir/


Azerbaijan, the land of fire, has gained interest from travellers across the globe in recent years. The reasons behind this are its “natural fire”, its mountains and naturally beautiful landscapes. Among the things that make it beautiful, is also Lake Masazir.

Colloquial lingo refers to the lake as, Masazigol. Of course, by this point you are lready well aware of the high salt levels. However, interestingly, the salt from this lake has been collected and used since as far back as 1813! There are salt plants surrounding the lake attributing its concentrated composition to more beneficial use.

Well, if you were feeling a little blue, I certainly hope the marvels of nature have cheered you up and made you feel a little pink? ?

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