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Five International Travel Movies

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“Baithe baithe bore hue, karna hai kuch kaam”. Oh sorry, that’s the start of Antakshari and you’re social distancing right now so that’s not an option, maybe. But what is an option for show are some good movies. More specifically, travel movies! If you can’t take a trip, trust a movie to take you on a trip.

Naturally, the leading favourite travel movies happen to be Into The Wild, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Eat Pray Love, The Beach, etc., so we thought we’d share some slightly lesser known ones that are must watches for any traveller!

The Climb

This is a French movie, so, obviously you will watch with subtitles, unless vouz puves parler francais? Sorry, I’ve been brushing up on my French and it felt like an apt moment so slip it in. Oops! Moving on, the film is about a laidback lad. A young boy, he’s casually breezing through life with no specific aims, except dating the girl whom he believes to be the love of his life. Amongst some banter between them, he tells her he’ll do anything to date her, amongst the options he states climbing Everest also as one of them, she laughs and tells him that’ll do it. So, lo behold, people because our hero sets off to climb THE Mount Everest. I wonder what would have happened if he had been desi and had gone with a “Mai tumhare liye tare todd launga” dialogue?! Thus, the protagonist with his meagre means sets off to impress his girl. The movie is a journey through the numerous challenges he faces, physically, mentally as he starts to realize it isn’t a cake walk. He befriends a Sherpa, plays football with other trekkers, makes the audience laugh and heart-warmingly makes his way on what then formulates into a personal challenge and a quest, as you wait for the unexpected traveller to achieve the unachievable.

the climb movie
Image Credits: https://twitter.com/shelleywilton/status/1014349110483275776

The Motorcycle Diaries

This is a biopic on Ernesto Guevara who in his early twenties who sets off for a bike expedition with his friend Alberto Granada. This is the same Guevara who in later years came to be known as the Marxist revolutionary. In this coming of age film, you will witness his travels across South America as he observes the distinction between social classes, the injustice and plight of the impoverished. The film is based on his own memoir which was adapted from the trip diary maintained by him. It will take you on a journey through a youngster’s mind as he sets off for adventures with his friends, which later leaves an everlasting impact on him.

the motorcycle diaries
Image Credits: https://www.amazon.in/Motorcycle-Diaries-Ernesto-Che-Guevara/dp/0007272901

Touching The Void

Watch this docudrama film with your heart in your mouth, as you see the characters of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates undergo near death experiences in what could have been a fatal climb. The two were experienced mountaineers, thus, in 1985 they set out to climb Siula Grande’s West Face in Peru. Until then, it was an unclimbed terrain. The two successfully summit the peak but don’t get a chance to celebrate just yet because Simpson breaks his leg. There is a failed rescue attempt, a fall in a crevasse, a suspended rope over a cliff, a thought that your partner is dead. The journeys of the two men were nothing short of incredible and as I don’t wish to share spoilers, I suggest you watch it unfold for yourself!

Touching The Void
Image Credits: https://www.hamhigh.co.uk/etcetera/film/touching-the-void-is-a-damn-good-tale-about-life-and-death-1-5065196

The Darjeeling Limited

You have seen so many movies in which your beloved Bollywood stars are seen in exotic locations across the globe. Well, here’s your chance to see a beloved star, Luke Wilson, in our very own India. The story is of a dysfunctional family which sees the elder brother, played by Wilson, lure his younger brother to take a journey together on the Indian train Darjeeling Limited. They travel and attend Indian temples, locations, villages. They mingle with locals whilst dealing with the friction in their own relationship and even find themselves in the wilderness of a forest. The movie is comical even with touches of drama every now and then. Suggest watching this with your siblings at home!

the darjeeling limited
Image Credits: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/476607573058125649/?autologin=true

Endless Summer

This one is for the beach lovers. It is the story of two surfers, Robert August and Mike Hynson, as they travel across the world covering South Africa, Australia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Ghana, Tahiti, Hawaii and Senegal. Passionate surfers, the story is about them searching for new surf spots as well as teaching locals their beloved sport, in certain areas. The film commences and concludes with the notion that if one had enough time and money, one could chase summer up and down, around the globe.

endless summer
Image Credits: https://www.kanopy.com/product/endless-summe

So, wait no more, dive into the world of travel yet again, through “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!”

Click  to check out some of the famous Indian travel movies!

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