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Five Indian Travel Movies

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With the ongoing lockdown, we are all at home, as we should be! But maybe you’d been planning a trip during this period and had to cancel everything. Or maybe, like us, you also constantly have the itch to travel. While you can’t travel, you can immerse yourself into travel-centric movies, the closest alternative for the wanderlust-ing soul. Here are our 5 picks of Indian travel movies you must watch:

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

If you are a traveller and if you love Bollywood, there is no way you haven’t seen this one already. But hey, it certainly is worth watching over and over. After all, in the words of Naina, “Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hai, ek baar khula, toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge.” So, if you start a binge-watching marathon during your time at home, there’s no way you’ll be able to skip this one. Watch how Bunny bitten by fernweh dreams of making travel his life.  See how nerdy Naina discovers herself on a trip. Enjoy the banter between Aditi and Avi. See it all unfurl in the majestic backdrop of Manali as the movie will make you nostalgic not just about your trips but also the friends and memories you made during them.

yeh jawani hai deewani
Image Credit: https://www.cinestaan.com/articles/2018/may/31/13593

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If there ever was an all-out adventurous film to greet Indian cinematography, it is this one. I mean if you’re re-watching the best of the best, then certainly this one cannot be missed. This is no ordinary bachelor trip. It is actually a journey of 3 childhood friends as they reconnect, laugh, dance, mock each other and travel across Barcelona, Costa Brava, Bunol, Seville and Pamplona; dealing with their individual struggles and fears as they explore the gorgeous country of Spain. It is not just the places they visit but also the adventures they indulge in such as scuba diving, sky-diving, Tomatina festival and of course, the bull race. The movie makes you yearn, it makes you want to visit a place and do all these crazy things. I mean Captain Nero himself went off for that bull race! So, while we are at home, we may not be able to travel presently but we can certainly make plans for the future and sigh dreamily. And ZNMD is the perfect companion for that.

zindagi na milegi dobara
Image Credits: https://kickasstrips.com/2016/11/bollywoods-greatest-roadtrip-travel-adventure-film-zindagi-na-milegi-dobara/


If you’ve already been binge-watching your favourites and are in need of some new content, then don’t worry because we still have you covered. Have you heard of Malavath Poorna? Well, she is an Indian mountaineer to have had the great accomplishment of scaling Mount Everest at just 13 years of age. She thus became the youngest Indian to have done so. In 2017, actor-director Rahul Bose directed a biographical adventure film Poorna: Courage Has No Limit which showed Malavath’s journey, trials, tribulations and successes. Haling from a tribal family, her talent gets noticed by a local authority who then pushes for her to do this. In her endeavours she even climbs peaks in Ladakh and Darjeeling before making the much-anticipated trek to Everest.

Image Credits: https://www.filmcompanion.in/poorna-movie-review-rahul-desai/


You may not have heard of this one but it opened for the Toronto and Berlin Film Festivals, both in 2009. Abhay Deol plays the role of Vishnu, a young man reluctant to get roped into the family business. He wants to let loose and finds the opportunity to do so when an old truck has to be delivered to a museum. He offers to drive it to its destination and in doing so he drives across hundreds of miles in the vibrant and colourful state of Rajasthan. As he makes his journey, he is joined by companions made on the road. They discover the truck can be used to play movies, i.e., it is a cinematic truck! Together they all travel, conversing about life and a lot more, as they drive through the barren land of Rajasthan.

road movie
Image Credits: https://www.amazon.com/Road-Movie-Abhay-Deol/dp/B0048IU5X2

One Crazy Ride

This one is for the true lovers of travel because as a documentary it allows you to feel closest to travel because it presents a journey to you in a not so edited or beautified manner. True adventurers that the subjects of the film are, this one was shot without any back up vehicle or an entourage of a film crew. And maybe that’s what garnered it applause at international festivals and awards as well. So, what is the documentary about? It is the journey of 5 motorcyclists who travel across the ever so beautiful North East’s largest state, Arunachal Pradesh. They ride through uncharted routes in the spirit of adventure, exploration and well, their “never say die” attitude. Watch as they take the challenges head on like true travellers and thrill-seekers.

one cray ride
Image Credits: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1520489/

So, what are you waiting for? Go, travel. Travel through the creativity of cinematographers and before you know it, we’ll out travelling outdoor ourselves too!

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