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Five Best Treks in Sikkim

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The north-eastern state of Sikkim is home to a number of waterfalls, quaint villages, snow-capped peaks and of course, the Teesta River which accompanies you for most part of your journey across the state. While a number of travellers visit some of the more popular regions of Sikkim, the area of north Sikkim is nothing short of a marvel. It is not necessarily easy to reach but it without a doubt breath-taking. Meadows and mountains kissed by snow, by green patches and silvery lakes are what awaits there. But if you are looking to explore its magic beyond what the roads can lead you to, if you are looking to explore on foot, then here we have the best treks in the state for you.


Best time to visit/trek: April to June, September to October

Duration: 11

Difficulty: Difficult

Source: https://traveltriangle.com/blog/goechala-trek/

This is one of the most popular treks offered in the state and sees many adventurers visit Sikkim each year with the silhouette of peaks dancing in their twinkling eyes.  From Dzongri to Phedang surrender yourself to nature. The trek commences from Yuksom where you will find wildflowers running astray upon the ground, as if ready to welcome you. Thereafter, you pass through dense forests to ancient rickety bridges over blue waters. You pass through the village of Bakhim where you get to see the simplicity of the mountain life. The rhododendrons and you shall together trek towards Kokchurang. By then you see one after the other massive peaks starting to step out from the shadows to be seen by you under the sunlight. From Samiti Lake to Zemathang the route is what every mountain child seeks for and you know why the trek sees so many coming in search of the peaks on its path.

Rathong Glacier

Best time to visit/trek: October to May

Duration: 10 days

Difficulty: Difficult

rathong glacier
Source: https://tribeless.in/go/photos/886

Now before the pictures of Rathong Glacier get you excited; it is important to emphasize that this is not an easy trek. It is a fairly demanding trek, so much so that it is used as a part of the Basic Mountaineering Course too. This trek again kicks off at Yuksom, passes through Dzongri and then leads you to its scenic secrets. Another important part about this trek is that within the course of the trek duration there are two days catered for acclimatizing and resting. You pick up significant height and its important that while you set off on your adventure, your body prepares for it. This has the added bonus of letting you take in your surroundings happily at a slow pace on such days. The highlight of the trek is as you approach the glacier and find this blue-green lake waiting for you. So, you witness an icy glacier in the arms of snowclad mountains and a stunning lake beside it.


Best time to visit/trek: April to May

Duration: 5-6 days

Difficulty: Easy

Dear amateur trekkers, do not let the mention of major treks send your heart sinking. And also seasoned trekkers if you are looking for something lighter. In those situations, you can turn to the lesser known Varsey trek in Sikkim. It takes you through gradual ascents and has you walking at a comfortable pace. But none of this can discredit that the trek is simply beautiful. It is blessed with rhododendrons, mosses and a whole string of other flowers. If you are looking for a quiet time in the lap of nature, to just take the easy paced time to soak in all the views then this trek is for you. Here you get to walk through while befriending peaks as you get deeper and deeper into a riot of colours made by flowers.

Singalila Uttaray Round Trek

Best time to visit/trek: march-May, mid-September to November

Duration: 19 days

Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult

singalila trek
Source: https://www.ashmitatrek.com/blog/top-7-best-treks-in-sikkim-updated-2019-trekking-in-sikkim-guide#2.-singalila-uttaray-round-trek-

Yes, that’s right, this trek is actually that long. And while its duration is fair reason for many opting for other treks, in response it counters with the fact that from here you not only have the chance of seeing the world’s third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, but also Mount Everest! While that doesn’t always happen, it can happen on good days. Beyond that, this trek takes you through narrow paths to trails with flowers. Along with you, for company you will find yak herders passing through. A relatively new trek, discovered only in 2000, this one is sure to charm folks looking to get away from crowds. And in the quietness of just a few footsteps you get to gaze at a number of vantage points showcasing majestic mountains.

Zemu Glacier – Green Lake Trek

Best time to trek/visit: March to June

Duration: 16 days

Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult

For a slice of Sikkim’s perfection, take the Zemu Glacier trek. This one invites you with the promise of snow-capped white peaks, a deliciously blue alpine lake and a glacier basking in its natural glory. This glacier is to be credited and thanked for giving the state of Sikkim the pretty Teesta River as it sources its water. You will get up close and personal with the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga and find yourself in the thick of waterfalls and wildflowers. Step across the occasional streams and make your way through a maze of terrains that lead you to the promised view of this glacier. The trek gets more beautiful each day, rewarding you on every single day of your journey and not just at the, ah grand finale? All in all, you find yourself witnessing some of the best sights of nature from high peaks to water bodies. On a good night you can even see a sky full of stars! Take the time for this one, its going to be the immersive break with nature that you so dearly long for.

All in all, I personally simply adore Sikkim. It has an abundance of beauty and most parts of the state will leave you smiling. Its one of those places which can never be just visited once. There’s more and more to see and for the adventurers more and more to trek up to.

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