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Five Beautiful Waterfalls in Kerala

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My heart sings and dances on seeing a waterfall. And it goes in a complete frenzy when I am in Kerala. Being the state that receives abundant monsoon rains, there is no shortage of water here and you can find numerous waterfalls tucked away amongst the emerald green forests. The best time to visit the waterfalls is from mid May till end of October. The months from January till April are hot and dry and there is not much water. These waterfalls are in their full glory in monsoons and continue to look stunning just after the rains are gone. Here are our favourite waterfalls in Kerala:

Athirappilly falls

We won’t blame you if you feel a sense of déjà vu on seeing this waterfall. This is Mani Ratnam’s favourite waterfall and he has shot quite a few movies and song sequences here, from Dil Se, Raavan, Guru etc. Recently, the location was also used in the movie Bahubali.

Athirappilly falls
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Located on the Chalakudy river, the magnificent Athirappilly Falls is arguably India’s best waterfalls, and certainly one of our personal favourites too (Hey who are we to argue with Mani Ratnam!) It is about 80 feet high, and the thunderous roar of the falls can be heard from far away. The largest waterfall in Kerala, it is often called “The Niagra of India”.

The spray is so strong that one gets drenched even when you are standing forty fifty feet away from the falls. On a lucky day, you can spot a beautiful rainbow in the cliff surrounding the sheet of water. There is a river at the base of the falls, and you can step in the water, play in it, sit on some rocks in the middle of the water and lose yourself in the beauty of the place.

Meenmutty falls

A three tiered waterfall, check. Surrounded by tropical forest, check. A trek through the jungle, check. Checking all the boxes, we have Meenmutty Falls. The waterfall is located near Wayanad and is the second largest waterfall in Kerala.

It is close to the scenic Neyyar dam but vehicles are allowed up to a certain point. A 2 km jungle trail from there will lead you to the waterfall.  The jungles are lush green specially just after the monsoons are over which add on to the experience.

The name Meenmutty roughly translates to ‘where the fish are blocked’. This is because the fish cannot swim in the rough waters of the falls. The lowest tier of the waterfall can be easily reached and you will see a small pool at the base where people enjoy swimming. You can trek to the second tier through steps built over boulders. The third tier is the most difficult and needs walking through slippery rocks. Once on the top, you are offered breathtaking views of surrounding valleys. The jagged rocks, foaming waters and the surrounding greenery accompanied by the chilly air all make for an unbelievably divine experience.

Palaruvi falls

Palaruvi means ‘stream of wilk’ and true to its name, the milky water crashes through the rock gushing down creating a visual delight. The waterfall resides in the Kollam District of Kerala State. This area was once a retreat for the Maharajas of Travancore and now is a picturesque picnic spot. The water cascading from 300 feet creates a small pool at the bottom. The waterfall is also known for having ayurvedic healing properties as a result of the stream meandering through some natural herbal groves further upstream. Therefore many people swim or take a bath here. The milk-white burst of foam roaring in the middle of a forest paints a pretty picture.

palaruvi falls
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Soochipara falls

Located in Wayanad district, a 20 minute drive from Meppadi is the beautiful Soochipara waterfall.  The drive takes you through coffee and spice plantations, the journey preparing you for a beautiful destination.  One needs to trek for about 2 km downhill from the parking lot to reach the falls. The roaring sound of the water reaches you before you set your eyes on it. The natural pool at the base entices the visitors to take a dip in it. There are also a number of tree huts in the area from where you can get amazing views of the Western Ghats.

soochipara falls
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Thoovanam falls

How can we talk about Kerala and not mention the hills of Munnar. Now you must be familiar with the winding roads of Munnar lined with lush green tea plantations. But Munnar offers a lot more than that. Thoovnam waterfall is a stunning cascade lying within the woods of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. A very popular trekking trail, it will take you an hour to reach the waterfall.  Due to the location, you may get lucky and spot few animals on the way. And once you are there, you can revel in the tranquility of the surroundings with a refreshing waterfall in the backdrop.

thoovanam falls
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