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Five Beautiful Treks in Kashmir

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If you are an adventurous soul who loves travelling, who loves nature, then without a doubt you would enjoy trekking. Trekking is the closest thing to observing nature in its purest unadulterated form. And Kashmir is arguably one of India’s prettiest states (in my personal opinion THE prettiest), thus, it offers some of those breathtakingly beautiful treks too. Here are the 5 most beautiful treks to take in Kashmir:

Kashmir Great Lakes

If Kashmir really is paradise on Earth, then Great Lakes is capable of showing you just how. This trek is the stalwart of all Kashmir based treks. The week long trek takes you to a height of 13,800 ft. The trek will have you gazing away at alpine lakes on a daily basis and you will tread through earthen mountains and vast meadows of green to reach them. And you know you won’t be taking this trek alone, there are wild horses and sheep grazing along the way! Turquoise lakes, blue skies and bright colourful valleys, what more does one need

kashmir great lakes
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Narang Gangabal

Gangabal is a grassland at 15,000 ft, perched at the glacial melt of Mount Harmukh. The trek starts from the village of Narang which sits next to a gushing stream. The trek takes you through Trunkhol and Budhpatri, crossing through regions with not just trees but also blooming flowers. Once you reach the lake you could take a shot at fishing or just sit around taking in the surroundings around you.

narang gangabal
Source: https://www.tripadvisor.in/AttractionProductReview-g297623-d17371839-Naranag_Gangabal_Trek_Naranagh_Gangabal_Lake_Srinagar_5_Nights_6_Days-Srinagar_Sri.html

Kolahoi Glacier

During this week long trek, you will cover a distance of 60kms to reach a height of approximately 5,423m. It is one of the largest glaciers across Kashmir and locals hold it in reverence with the name of “Goddess of Light” as major rivers such as Lidder and Jhelum derive water from it. They make the key water source for locals in Kashmir. This trek from the very beginning gets you smiling as it starts from the pretty Aru valley. Thereafter, it has you walking through forests, opening up to Himalayan valleys and high-altitude ponds. Eventually when you reach the glacier, its beauty is said to be capable of overwhelming you as you journey with snow-capped peaks that keep you company for a good amount of time.

kolahoi glacier
Source: https://alpinelakestrek.com/kashmir-kolahoi-glacier-trekking-hiking/

Warwan Valley

This might just be one of the most adventurous treks to take in all of Kashmir. While the altitude is reach is 14,55o ft which doesn’t seem daunting, the trek takes 10 days to complete on account of its difficulty level. The trek is in a region so remote that even most Kashmiris themselves haven’t explored this part of their homeland. You will pass through river deltas, meadows, and glaciers. The beauty of this trek is not in nature alone but also in its difficulty, for instance on the pass day you have to manoeuvre through crevasses. This is for the true thrill seekers!

warwan valley
Source: http://go2kashmir.com/Trekking-tour/warwan-trek.html

Tarsar Marsar

They say, save the best for the last and that is exactly what I have done! Well, not to discredit any of the other stunning treks mentioned on this list but Tarsar Marsar has personally been on my own bucket list for a very long time, thus, the ahem not so concealed partiality. This trek gives you the opportunity to pass through azure waters and best of all, camp right next to glacial lakes. With the base camp in our beloved Aru valley, the route through Jagmari grasslands and the starry nights that this one lets you witness, there’s a lot in store. The highlight of the trek is supposed to when you cross through the greenest of valleys to reach the twin lakes of Tarsar Marsar which is supposed to feel like walking into a postcard itself.

tarsar marsar
Source: https://www.altitudeadventureindia.com/trip/tarsar-marsar-trek/

Before you start picking which trek to go over the other, I would just say that all of Kashmir is beautiful and you should prepare to be left in awe of wherever you may head.

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